Builders abandoning construction #Construction

#Construction #Recession #AusPol
Successful builders are abandoning the construction industry.


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  1. I am builder in NSW, price is skyrocket increased, the customers did not want to spend extra for us to finish off the projects. NSW Fair Trading, QLD Fair Trading, Vic Fair Trading whatever the fuck Fair is does not give a shit about us. Even, HIA does same things with us. Tell me what can we do to survive.

  2. Builders are always complaining in good time and bad times,they set unrealistic finish times and want done quicker every year,they screw the arse outta sub contractors, and wonder why the finished product is substandard I've seen this @#$%^ for the last 30 years,They still making profit on all jobs.

  3. We are in big mess worldwide.
    Western economies need all from cheap countrues don't want to manufacture anything and then blame other countries fir global warming.

    Now they won't send you goods .

    Manufacture your own or get stuffed

  4. Work on cold face of supply chain. The delay and cost of goods has only started. LVL especially , cement , fixings all going to 100% above 2 yrs costs. Yet MSM keeps talking up property prices ?? Bubble will burst next year

  5. This is just the beginning hard times ahead I have had six building companies contact me to quote for commercial work this week and knocked everyone back to much stress and complications don’t want it and don’t need it

  6. Freelance for domestic scene. Working for the high volume companies is dead risky. Charge what you have to charge and if and if you don't get it wasn't it wasn't worth it anyway. And if you're on a Union site God help you at least 1600 buck's a year. And other expenses. Why do you think so many apprentices leave, We promised them wealth and they end up stress and no money. You know what will happen it will just become foreign labourers that work on the building site. But if you give away the blue collar jobs they they never come back

  7. Was a Tradie, exited before Covid. Writing was already on the wall for years. If i had continued our material prices would have sky rocketed, reducing our margins to near nothing.

  8. I've been working at 120 – 140 % of normal for over 2 years & I have nothing to show for it but stress & the feeling of starting to hate my job.
    Someone is making shitloads of money & it's not me.

  9. This is true in Sydney too, finding trades at the price a customer can afford is not easy. I have reduced my work to one project at a time. I’ll probably stop building soon if things don’t improve it’s too much risk for nothing!

  10. Nevers disband the building sector re unionise. Tradesmen provide 1 of the 3 things you need to live and assist you in the other 2 ,remember your worth and value to all communities

  11. I quit contract home building 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. The amount of liability builders take on and credit we provide (sometimes months before getting paid) is ridiculous. You can’t walk out of the shop with an iPhone and pay 2 months afterwards but i remember providing more than $50k of supply and labour regularly. And, with the government continuing to pile on more regulations it’s a nightmare. No wonder good builders are scarce.

  12. I ran my business for 17 years. After the low employment changing computers for Y2K I decided to close my two taverns. I counted up my cash and figured I could make it and I have. When others are living easy and we are working our ass off it makes you wonder why.

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