Builders are getting desperate #ConstructionApocalypse

#Construction #Recession #HeiseSays
Everything seems to be coming to a head in the construction industry.


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#Construction #Recession #HeiseSays
Builders are getting desperate as the profitless boom turns into a construction apocalypse for some.

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  1. In talking to builders, the supply chain for materials appears to be resolving itself, especially the supply of timber, but the constraint in trade labour (chippies, sparkies, etc.) is causing them to compete for staff and forcing the price up. As the article points out, they then get squeezed on fixed price contracts. It will be interesting if variable price contracts become the norm as most home buyers won't be able secure finance unless the price is fixed. This may see an increase in price for existing homes as buyers utilise the new subsidies to purchase property, thus increasing demand with no corresponding increase in supply.

  2. The sheep get what they deserve. 80 years of traitors in the Liberal and Labor Party and they vote them back in again. How many watching this will moan about immigration that voted major and fail to realise it is their fault for being so stupid.

  3. Meh. They will do what they always do. Bleed the cash reserves in to an off shore account, declare bankruptcy and start over. leaving the customer fucked as usual.

  4. A mate got a price for a shed (90k) rung back a week later to confirm, it had gone up 2k.
    Another mate with an engineering business said gutted prices are valid for one week.

  5. Do you think there will be a lot for closures in the housing market in the near future especially for the first home buyers with rates rising and house price reducing

  6. The government’s fault 💁‍♂️.

    If you’re stupid enough too believe toilet paper could be a saviour in an apparent pandemic, then you’re probably stupid enough too buy a house in an apparent pandemic, when endless money has been printed too created a false economy.

    No sympathy from this dawg🤦‍♂️

  7. No all Federal Governments for the last 20 years have been raising the migrant intake to juice the Australian CPI, and yes giving all the people free-shit to make them debt-slaves, this makes them look good, and the sheeple keep doing the same thing, voting Labor/Liberal. People will fight over toilet paper, but won't fight for their freedom, debt slaves never do.

  8. Something I noticed when I came to Australia, and was househunting, is the overall lower quality of construction in Australia as compare to other places like France, Italy, Japan or even Southeast Asia.. CBA, a high cost of labour, seemingly little to no oversight or regulations besides The obvious or the spurious, seem to have created this illusion of a quality of life component which is owning a house. 2 decades of catering for investors with little to no regard for actual quality without the ridiculous speculation, coupled with A system bent on protecting The housing industry at all costs has distorted any kind of healthy perspective on The active buying the plot of land, and building your dream house. There’s perhaps an opportunity for locally manufactured raw materials and decreasing taxes on any activity pertaining to building, renovating or creating infrastructure in the aim of participating in the construction industry. The rise in immigration and following increase in demand for housing May result in this shift.

  9. Yay let’s kick the can down the road a bit more to make that pain a bit more long term and acute. Never rip the Band-Aid off guys, leave it there for the wound to Rot.

  10. Ireland housing experiment, 40% to 50% fall is not outside the possibilities. People don’t want to be looking like fools. Eg toilet paper buying 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. When a builder is running out of money in a buoyant market is insane … The only way to build up the building market is to stop negative gearing on Third or more properties and have negative gearing on contraction .

  12. It's the GREEDY builders who took on too much work knowing full well that they were always going to struggle fulfilling the contracts and then pushing up rates in order to poach trades to do their work. Their fellow builders who are not GREEDY now suffer!!

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