Building Approvals Crash By Nearly 30% – A sign that the Housing Boom is Over?

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With building approvals crashing by nearly 30% are we seeing a sign that the housing boom is ending?


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  1. Those poor souls driven by FOMO will regret buying in 2021 & 2022. Values will plummet once interest rates start to rise from June, post federal election. I have seen this sad scenario before.

  2. What's new , housing booms, plateaus and corrects . It's really nothing new and it's really a boring story that everyone jumps on as if it's a a revelation to everyone. Do a story on coffee Florian you must have a world of knowledge on that subject 😊

  3. And many thousands of collapses of building companies is coming in spades. Real estate salespeople will need to apply for the dole. C’mon interest rates, how high can you go. I recall in 1988 rates rose almost every month for a year to 18 percent. Inflation was the same rate. Watch the US Fed raise rates numerous times this year & 2023 due to increasing inflation. We shall follow as usual.

  4. Hey there: German Humor following … how dare you, Florian, hitting the poor souls here with a mix of facts and well rounded opinion! How dare you! You cannot pour this over the slaves, sheep, subjects of OUR reign! You need to filter and get approval Fiat from the central government for your sedation’s views! You either fall into the fold with everybody else, or we have concentration camps waiting for you!
    Humor ends here ..
    Please keep up your good work ! I enjoy your tube, and find your opinions and your situation in life very similar to my own… (consultant in offshore construction, with wife , kids and a house)

  5. given our past 2 years and what is currently going on in the rest of the world…. explain to me how Australia will not be one of the most sort after countries for immigration?… of which will push prices up even further… simple supply/ demand …. and the government can regulate the market with immigration… i say Australia's big 4 regulated market is one of the safest markets in the world… if not where else is economically safer for normal people?

  6. Brought forward demand from the future by government market intervention. What a surprise this is happening… No really I'm shocked. And now even more cash hand outs will be required to save it in larger quantities. That's how it works. Crash the market or the currency are the choices. There is no third option.

  7. Why do I find all this talk of housing booms & crashes so amusing?! I really don’t care one way or another, but I always watch/listen/read the topic 🤷‍♂️

  8. As a small builder before I retired, I made my best money in the bad times . I owned my own house by age 30. Then I sold and rented for a while and used my own money to build speculative houses, if you have no debt, you are in control.

  9. Do you think that means building prices will come back down and houses will be built quicker or will they still be catching up with the ones they are still building 😅

  10. Homelessness is out of control. Ppl can’t afford simple dog kennels as rentals let alone find shelter. Soon government will take your home simply bcse you can’t afford the taxes on it. The world is changing. Home ownership will change to government control of all housing. Don’t think u understand on what’s actually happening in this corrupt world of tyrants. The economic dollar is about to lose all its value and governments will come after you for payment on a impossible tax on your house.

  11. This is concerning. Because house price boom and building boom are 2 different things.
    We still seem to have insatiable demand, both to rent and to buy.
    The last thing I want to a decade of under-supply.

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