Bulk billing COLLAPSE

The cost of seeing a doctor is soaring as the paltry Medicare rebate rises to force GPs to abandon bulk billing.

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  1. So be aware that GPS can see up to 80 people a day….. that’s one patient every 6 minutes in an 8 hr time ….bulk billing no scam here hey….getting good service in your six minutes……

  2. The Australian government wants 95% of Australians DEAD & the rest enslaved. The sooner the Australian people wake up to that reality the more likely things can be changed before our country becomes a replica of the horrific CCP system.

  3. If the poorest choose not to see a medical practitioner because they can't afford it and they then get very sick with a terminal illness, the globalist elites are succeeding with their mass depopulation agenda without even batting an eyelid!

  4. Not sure how $60 for 5-10 minutes in an all but empty office doesn't cover costs. I'm sure they're paying the receptionist no more than $25 an hour. Not to mention kickbacks from the V

  5. People think the government is pushing towards a private system. I say it's the Dr's and health heads because their possible income is capped but if they crash the bulk billing they can start charging higher fees

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