BUNK Ballots Sent Out En Masse PROVE Democrats Have Corrupted The Election Yet Media Blames Trump

BUNK Ballots Sent Out En Masse PROVE Democrats Have Corrupted The Election Yet Media Blames Trump. Already warnings are going out that there will be election night unrest and violence.

Yet it was Democrats who changed the rules over and over and now the ensuing chaos is their fault. Media however is intent on blaming Trump while calling him a liar over and over again.

It may be that Democrats know they will lose and are doing everything they can to delegitimize the election. Chaos and uncertainty is the best chance they have to beat Trump knowing they can’t do it legitimately.

The November Election will be drawn out, confusing, and no one will believe the results no matter what happens.

Maybe this is all on purpose.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. So…according to dems and leftists, everything is just fine, but when Trump points out that mass voting by mail is broken, he breaks the system, and it’s his fault? Wtf?

  2. Maybe certain party wants the UN to take over the governing of America??? Global Government on the wayyyyyyy…..votes no longer matter, what the people wants no longer matter….what the "experts" says reflect the MO of a certain party…projecting the wrong doing to the other party, blaming the other party for their own doing………a very smart thing and is/have work for decades…

  3. A bipartisan commission to select presidential candidates, this was always a conspiracy theory every election with people saying it won't matter who you vote for because the winner has already been selected.

  4. They think that the next civil war will be "black vs white," when in reality it's going to be "we the people vs elites."

  5. I have changes my own signature many times in my life so has my wife.. In certain careers you are not supposed to sign the same for your whole life or even "long term".

  6. I'm in PA and I recieved a ballot for a former resident of my apartment. Without signature verification, what would stop someone from filling it out? I wonder if my mail-in ballot went to my former address?

    What a joke!

  7. at this point im convinced medias plan is just to make bank on whatever conflict they manage to stir up by end of the elections

  8. I think you will be in a kind of civil war, those media are corrupt and have to be held accountable, nobody will do that, you can never accept the result of these elections, I think. It will be chaos. Democrats are pure evil in my opinion.

  9. We are going to have to fight the democrats. I will be civil war. And if we dont fight it will be they will take the office by force. We have to fight we dont get a choice . We cant let this happen.