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How much proof does it take to show that the toxic chemicals released by burn pits made veterans sick? Or that they’re the same chemicals in Agent Orange? Maybe a few official memos could help.

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  1. america: let's not forget
    american vet: ok. so dont forget me 🤕
    america: TY for your service but, who are you again?
    american vet: 😲 💀💀

  2. Thank you so much Jon for continually bringing this issue to the forefront….I have been out since 2007 and am still hesitant to submit a VA claim regarding burn pits….I think I will finally do it now after watching this short clip which has significant value and hit home in a time of need.

  3. Why can't we just guarantee healthcare to all war veterans for anything, for the rest of their lives, regardless of whether it has anything to do with their overseas deployments.

  4. I was 50 yards from a burn pit in Iraq , yet the burn pit exposure “map” doesn’t list it’s existence in 2003-2004 due to “lack of data” yet it’s there 4 years later lol..Very convenient … I mean , not for veterans but hey the older we get , the less of us around to pay

  5. I don't give a fuck about this issue, Jon Stewart. Stop trying to cater to this conservative fascists by making these news stories about our military. I'm a vet and I don't give a f!#$ about what's happening to our military currently. Bigger fish to fry and members of the armed forces vote for the politicians who send them to war where they interact with these burn pits. It's a vicious cycle

  6. I am an American and these types of issues boil my blood. American Service Members being denied the proper care during and after their service is despicable and we should all be outraged of this. A letter to our Representatives my help. Thanks Mr. Stewart.

  7. It's kinda like a long time ago, Jon said, "You know I've done so much, now I'd like a break" and things kept getting worse and worse, until finally, it's like I must return! Give'em hell Jon and if they say anything, please remind them that while you only use words, the use every evil ever invented for no good reason whatsoever.

  8. As a person who botched their way through three college chemistry courses with little to no knowledge of how any of if worked even I know inhaling benzene gasses is really f*cking bad for you.

  9. My body can be proof. I have Myasthenia Gravis, Lupus, Hypothyroid, Hypertebsion, Asthma, Sarcoid which is probably what caused lung scarring of the Apices. Was in Afghanistan for about 6 months October 2010-March 2011. Was outside 12 hrs a day 6 days a week plus the time it took to get things done every day. Not once were we given masks or told to wear any. Still in for now but finally getting med boarded. Hopefully the VA adds more conditions that I and many others have as three is NOT enough! Many have already died so we must speak for them as they no longer can.

  10. It is the position of American military leaders and government that there is no proof that exposure to every known poison makes anyone sick. That includes nuclear radiation and fallout. They do not respond to these charges. But I’m glad you find it humorous.

  11. The denials are absurd. Why not look at the number of soldiers with these illnesses, and compare it to the incidence in the civilian population.
    That would answer this question.
    And shame on the VA.

  12. What??? Even the Americans who risk their lives to serve can't get free healthcare?
    It shouldn't matter if it's related to service or not, THEY RISKED THEIR LIVES FOR YOU!
    This is messed up America!

  13. So happy this man is back. He may be of the political left however he expresses himself convincingly and always backs up his statements with credible research. Unlike the woke, left wing lemmings of the mainstream media. A classic example is his nauseating replacement on the Daily Show.

  14. This needs a much bigger audience than Apple TV+ has. I have and I love Apple TV+, but, Mr Stewart, god love ya, please put this entire episode on YouTube so America and all of the world can see it.

  15. We all know that war was a farce, and let us not forget all those Emergency first responders Fire, Police and paramedic who basically suffered the same the same Fate.

  16. I am in the army I shouldn’t have asthma. But in 2003 I was exposed to burn pit for months and my lungs gave out. I still can not smell and have asthma and steroid dependent to breathe. Please help us.

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