Burning The Angry Joe Bridge…. He Just Went Too Far!

I always have, and will continue to trust Angry Joe On video games but this weekend he crossed the line and that’s not okay. If you need a VPN use Private Internet Access – they’re #1 and they’ve specially discounted their full platform to $2.59 a month on the 2 Years subscription + 3 months FREE:

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. Did anyone notice all the lies in this video? Q said he left Twitter, but he ends up fighting with Joe, Second he lied about the Xbox as Microsoft sent Joe one last week; Third for a man whom took his dick out and pissed all over floor in the basement on Twitch scream for subs… Quartering is full of shit.

  2. I unsubscribed and unfollowed Angry Joe after this. I've been wanting to for a while, ever since he let Alex join his show honestly. I miss the days when it was just AJ, OJ, and maybe Del.

    I have no sympathy or tolerance for an SJW/identity politics driven person like that. His left-wing twitter rants have left a sour taste in my mouth more than once. Joe. You're a gaming channel/figure. Stick to gaming.

    Jeremy, I'm sorry this turned out that way for you. I doubt you think Joe is a bad guy, I don't really either, but ya gotta calla spade a spade. He's a hypocritical liberal. 99% of the time when SJW or identity politics shows it's ugly face in a mainstream game, he addresses it, fairly/vehemently in his reviews… so… He knows what they are doing is wrong. He understands that this behavior is damaging to the brand. SO why not just leave the political rants to a minimum and stop pushing people away from your (once was) mighty empire of honest reviews.

  3. In all fairness his comment towards that tweet was unnecessary I mean race mongering is a stupid thing I agree with that but just because someone is appreciating specific characters it's not like the tweet says "top five reasons why (enter race here) characters are the best" the person is just giving a list of what they believe are the best colored characters and that's fine no race mongering going on there