Business Owner Trapped In CHOP Watched Area Turn Into War Zone

Reports out of the now-demolished CHAZ/CHOP indicate that the area was a legit war zone, especially after two teens joyriding are shot in cold blood, one of whom died. Tim and Adam discuss why the mayor finally decided to take action against the protesters.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Its funny to me and saddening at the same time. i grew up in communist counry that doesnt exist anymore. Antifa Movment originated in my country. And all i see these words are getting thrown around with no frame of refrents. Shocking to see this from the bench seats of the world. Many countrys in the world will be impcated by the actions of the american people. And what they say.

  2. What you're feeling is God. Its synchronicity. The the universe being bent to one will and truth.
    Apocalypse – a lifting of the veil, or a revealing of truth.

    Happy Apocalypse ?

  3. Where did all those Chaz guns come from? Fast and Furious? What about the 10,000+ fully automatic conversion kits for AR-15s that were shipped from China?

  4. As the song says…… "you ain't seen nothing yet" …… 2020 is not done with us……. Not only do we have the November elections coming up… and if you don't think that will bring out the crazies…. well then you're bat crap crazy yourself lol……… and we still have time between now & then for yet another crisis & I would almost bet there will be something…….. nope 2020 is not done with us yet

  5. "Something is in the air…"

    In the Bible he's called the prince of the power of the air. The apocalypse is literally right around the corner. No one is paying attention. September 18th. Alien invasion. "alien"

  6. I guess my statement was always right all along… These leftist people want to ban guns because they're convinced "If I have a gun I will hurt people with it, so you MUST be the same way." It's all projection of their mental illnesses on the other people around them. It's getting tiring being right honestly.

  7. Regarding your "someone does something stupid" moment, I can all but guarantee you that if that scene from "V for Vendetta" occurred here, CNN would be talking about how a mob of white nationalists assaulted an officer of the law who was just doing his job. Tim, did "V" teach you NOTHING about the power of the press and propaganda? Like the scene where V blew up the Old Bailey and the news reported it as a "grand send-off" prior to demolition?