Bust Builders Abandoning Homes

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Bust builders are abandoning half-finished homes and projects.


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  1. It's a builder fault for being dodgy and taking the money knowing that they had no intention of finishing the project… The poor home buyer is the victim… The problem is these contracts are written by the builder and not the buyer

  2. I'm extending my house right now and there is NO way the bank will release progress payments until I approve completed work at at each stage within our building contract. This was the same for the last two houses I built over the past 15 years. Banks generally scrutinize contracts to ensure none of this nonsense happens.

  3. I have been a project manager for 20 years. No matter what sob story the builder tells you, NEVER NEVER NEVER pay for work not done. Rather he goes bankrupt and you can still get another builder because you have only paid for the work that was done.

  4. I am back in Australia..I am driving the truck and I realise that the traffic is so bad, the cost of transport , so inefficient that inflation is definitely related to the excess population to infrastructure. If they raise rates to compensate for inflation then we will see a bust .

  5. Whilst this bloke may be at fault and many stories of bodgy builders of which there seems to be heaps that highlight customer error erodes confidence in the industry generally.More focus should be given to construction faults and compliance/governance issues.

  6. I have been a builder all my life and had never been out of work . My Clients liked me at first sight because I had an old small truck that was always kept in good used condition . My tool boxes were organized and bought my own plant and machinery . I met all my appointments and had all my Sub Contractors do the same . This is what is called a "Reputation" and that you cant buy . I also was not the cheapest nor was I the dearest .

  7. And the disappearing act of the builder who went bust, he can simply Phoenix himself and potentially restart under a new banner and continue to mismanage his building activity to more innocent prey 🤭

  8. Building people’s homes are incredibly challenging
    Particularly if they have had a architect design them.
    (very hard to estimate all the detail)
    The problem starts with underpricing and time.
    When you get this wrong you need another job to pay for your mistakes on the first house
    This snow balls and before you know it
    your in a “Ponzi scheme “
    A lot of builders aren’t Great at business either
    -Do your research
    -Don’t choose the cheapest builder
    -And choose someone who does less jobs at one time

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