Buttigieg LIES As Airline Chaos Ruins American Travel | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar explain the lies being told by Pete Buttigieg about airline chaos for American travel and lax enforcement of laws

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Steven Nelson:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. I've been turned around twice in mid-air and gone right back to the airport I'd just departed from. Just to have a gate agent snarl at me. Delta of course. I don't fly anymore. It's a joke. Get there 3 hours early (2 hours is a gamble, trust me, especially if a couple of TSA called in sick. That shoe line is backed up out the door). Then the wait for luggage and ground transport. I can drive 500 miles faster and arrive with MY OWN CAR! Why do it unless you're going to Europe or maybe across country?

  2. So glad I don't have to fly anywhere. Family n friends all close. Retired & untouchable by this bs industry. Next time let them fail no bailouts from working class. FO. greedy corp.

  3. Everything is getting worse, yet the Nation has the means to generate better outcomes for every citizen. What will be the incentive to motivate political will to reign in the private sector?

  4. This is what happens when you give an industry lies about needing a " Bailout " when they actually didn't, and yet again the Fed government runs to help them, but leaves the 99% with 1 crumb. Lol, PATHETIC DC!

  5. High speed railways make a lot more sense for a majority of cross country travel. Could get rid of 80% of flights and be better off for it in pretty much every way. Environmentally, cost wise, reliability wise, time wise.

  6. Everytime something good happens
    We did it says the government
    Everytime something bad happens
    It's their fault says the government.
    Why don't we trust the government (see above)

  7. It's almost as though basing a nation's entire ethos on insatiable greed & narcissism may have some drawbacks after all …

    Here's to the frenzied MAGA-Red & MAGA-Blue poodles, who continue to ensure that "Nothing Fundamentally Changes."

  8. Hey Saager how come you let the lying leftist sitting next to you constantly describe all republicans as radicals? But you never say the Democrats are radical??? Hmmmmmmm maybe it’s because you sir are a leftist acting like a conservative!!!! You people are grifters and are just as much a part of the problem just like CNN and FOX and MSDNC

  9. This issue with Pete Buttigieg and Matt Stoller was reported on The Hill by Matt on July 6th. Thanks for picking up on the story 19 days later. Becoming rich does force people to slow down and not do their jobs as thoroughly as they used to. I’d do the same thing if I won the lotto.

  10. What did the Mayor of a small town with 100k population know about major transportation and infrastructure management/stewardship??? We are quickly finding out the answer: NOTHING.

  11. This dude is pathetically incompetent… And a liar! ( as 99% of politicians) And what is so frustrating is that they can do all of it and NOTHING HAPPENS! Nobody fire them, or sanction them… NOTHING! Total impunity! And guess what? He will be reelected! For something. He will live the rest of his life leeching the system from state job to state job, being ever more incompetent. And that s the way the cookie crumbles..

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