Buttigieg Offers No Solutions To Air Travel Cancellations

You might not know it, but Pete Buttigieg is the nation’s Transportation Secretary and not just a guy on the government payroll who twiddles his thumbs and waits for Joe Biden;s senility to get so obvious that Pete can declare his next presidential run without facing blowback. As Transportation Secretary, Buttigieg has been monitoring the ongoing air travel crisis of cancellations and delays and announced that… he’s going to wait and see what happens. Just like he’s doing with Biden’s presidency!

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss whether the so-called conspiracy theorists were right about vaccine mandates leading to the current problems with airline staffing.

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  1. I am on the right wing and there is one thing that is really important as a government official with data pursuant to many probable civil cases in his competency wn power. Show the data that proves it's is not the bleeding weather or some of their other lame excuses they use to try get out of their contractional liability to their customers. Any person in that position should tell the White House to stop the mandates for at least practical reasons. First quietly because of politics then loudly if ignored.

  2. I wanted to go to Milwaukee to see Summerfest, but I can't risk getting snafued this way. Maybe I'll take the train, but…

    Also, I'm selling my American Airlines stock, the moment it's back in the green.

  3. The vaccine mandate didn't help, but the staffing crisis was in force before them. When the pandemic hit, the airlines didn't want to be paying unnecessary staff, so they were offering bonuses to get pilots to take early retirement. Then the government passed a bailout package so they could keep paying the pilots, but rather than using that money to rehire people, the airlines (shocker!) pocketed the cash instead.

    Now they're just booking flights they know they have no staff for, pocketing the fares and trying to avoid having to do refunds. "How about a credit, instead?" They're a bunch of grifters, period.

  4. Remember when fares were regulated by the government and so the way airlines competed for customers was by making flights more pleasant and offering bonuses and so on? Gosh, it's almost as if deregulation led to a race to the bottom.

    (And as much as I hate Racist Ronnie Reagan, deregulation was on Jimmy Carter and Alfred Kahn in 1979, IIRC.)

  5. I have always been a big fan of Jimmy Dore and I agree with most of the bad things he says about the DNC and the establishment dems . Why does Jimmy never talk about the corruption of the Republicans and never mention even tough dem politicians are pretty worthless the Republicans are much worse . Bernie was the only politician I have ever believed in . Yes I voted for Biden but not because I thought he would would be a great or even good president . I didn't believe Biden was a bigoted insane corrupted mafioso style candidate like the Teflon Don Trump

  6. Capitalism strikes again! Profit over people, capture the marketplace then cut costs by cutting wages, employees, benefits and features. Whatever the Market God needs, capitalists will do its bidding. The rest of us are along for the bumpy ride. Worst part is most people think it isn't the system that is the problem. But it is. The system is rotten to the core and it will produce rotten results over and over again.

    It's been long time for system change. Transition your community to resource-based self-sufficiency. Get off the debt-based system. Reject the idea that we must be slaves to labor for income for survival. That's bogus and it's harmful. Work at what is essential and worth doing. That gets our needs met. Then all the other stuff is extra or unnecessary.

    Strive to life in a society where the job of 'politician' is not needed.

  7. The orphans of the spirit are our concern, those who, without the thread of contact with deity, remain wedded to an unwholesome environment, those to whom the real purpose of life is never revealed; for the crystallization of their intellectual concepts and the hardness of their hearts, rooted in selfishness, do not open the cosmic doorway to our domain.

  8. Fun investigation for you folks: Look up Pete's late father, Joseph, and find out what this communist did regarding installing cultural Marxism into the university system. Why does nobody talk about this? Little Petey was groomed in more ways than one.

  9. “Do nothing” clown = perfect criteria for a us president. The puppet masters must be happy to find another clown puppet to complete the collection in the western world.

  10. Wouldn't it be funny if PB's old firm, McKinnsey, was behind the flight cancellation, advising the airline that it was more profitable to cancel the flight than let it go forward as scheduled? That would certainly be fitting.

  11. JD I can’t believe U MISSED THIS!! Airline dereg was created and championed by….. Sen Ted Kennedy! Not Reagan like you said. Great segment as usual though! TY

  12. SouthWest claiming weather for cancelling 1,000 flights is because they aren't responsible for reimbursing customers for weather related cancellations. Everything else, they have to find reasonable accommodations or a flight on a different airline at their expense.

  13. I’m just going to say that one of my family members that is very close to me works at one of the airports that Jimmy mentioned and she never got vaccinated did everything her power her and hundreds of other employees were in a group that Soli wanted exemption for religious reasons and that was just one of the groups that opted out of the “vaccinations”

    With that said….. Fuck that “Vaccine” for life

  14. NEXT …
    RuPaul invites Pete Buttigieg on RuPaul's Drag Race as a follow-up to the groundbreaking appearance by Nancy Pelosi.

    That will prove that Pete is important enough to make a guest appearance on RuPaul's show.

    Problem solved.

    After all if anyone is a guest on RuPaul's show, it means they are on the right track politically.

  15. A certain airline has called me back three times in the past year, but now they want me to work for forty percent less pay then they paid me in 2019 and required vaccine for covid19 as condition of employment…so no wonder you have a shortage of employees.

  16. C'mon Jimmy, air line travel sucks simply because the LOWEST price ticket SELLS. The majority of those who fly are willing to tolerate being treated like cattle for a cheap ticket. If people were willing to PAY FOR more room and meals, then first class and business classes would be the majority of each flight. But they are NOT, Yes Jimmy, it is a race to the bottom BY CUSTOMER DEMAND. BTW Jimmy, additional government regulations will just make things worse. A few years ago the Feds made some new laws that if flights were late by X, then the Airlines would get penalized. So what happened, if the flights were close to getting penalized, the airlines would just cancel the flights to get around from paying the penalties.

  17. The reason airlines "race to the bottom" by reducing service quality is because there is a lot of competition among airlines, and they all offer a product that is not differentiated. To get "premium" service, you have to upgrade. And that costs a fortune. Most people won't do it. So now it's a matter of finding out how much discomfort coach passengers will endure from cutting costs before they stop flying. Meanwhile, jet fuel prices are skyrocketing. We haven't seen the worst of airline service yet. Meanwhile, Mayor PotHole pretends he has some control of the situation. He doesn't. And shouldn't.

  18. He is making gargantuan profit for:
    – gas and oil,
    – war corporates and war contractors,
    – Davos men like Warren Buffet who met Mr Z recently to rebuild Ukr and their minions,
    – he pushes the price of the most stable food , wheat, for poor and needy by sending weapons into Ukr but not using the same route to export wheat to feed the poor world and push the prices down!!
    – and he does it well by forcing the ENTIRE WORLD fund this war not just Americas
    – and he

  19. This is all orchestrated by the ruling class to make traveling more difficult for us regular folks while the billionaires fly all over the world in private jets. Buttigieg is just another tool of the WEF, a graduate of Klaus Shwab’s nwo school called “Young Global Leaders.” The inability to travel is the goal, which explains this, inflation, high gas prices, & everything else they’re doing to destroy America.

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