Buttigieg To Teach The World About Infrastructure

With great fanfare (or a scripted video, anyway), Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced the department’s new “Momentum” program, designed to help other countries learn the best practices that make the United States such a global leader in modern infrastructure. And he did it with a straight face, too!

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger break down the video announcement, and the delusion required to think that anyone else might want to learn from the United States about infrastructure.

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  1. The Chinese have the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) also known as "Silk Road initiative" Pete is going to counter this with a more compassionate plan,
    "The Momentum initiative" which = "The Build Back better Plan" through reverse Engineering of sorts.

  2. What’s so disgusting and infuriating is instead of FIXING problems, they put out a thinly veiled propaganda puff piece PSA in an attempt to deflect blame and make it sound as if this administration has a plan. And, a little bit of gaslighting implying the problems are… you know, the fault of other counties. I’ve never voted republican in my life… I hope the dems get their collective clocks cleaned in November.

  3. Keyword – "sustainability." This is the Biden Administration parroting the WEF and pushing the Davos ESG agenda which has already resulted in two complete disasters in Sri Lanka and the Netherlands.

  4. I'm betting it's a VERY expensive website. Take the cost of developing a high end website and multiply it by 10,000, then you might be close to what the tax payers are on the hook for.

  5. We have more traffic deaths here in the U.S. because we have CARS! I don't know if you have noticed, but more than half of the people driving those cars have no damn business behind the wheel. People die on our roads because people drive like jerks, not because our infrastructure sucks. Fix all of the roads in the country and those idiot drivers, many of them drunk, will kill just as many people as they do today, so stick that meaningless chart where the sun doesn't shine. I guess not as many people die in traffic accidents in Somalia because their infrastructure is in tip top shape!

  6. Whatever happened to bombing the s** out of other countries so we can charge them $$$$$$$$ to rebuild their infrastructure? Now we have this fool with his infomercial. How the mighty have fallen. <—Sarcasm! Is there an emoji with an exhausted LMAO because at this point I can no longer laugh as it's gone beyond insanity with our Govt. and official/s tools.

  7. our "best practices" include extending our supply chains to the other side of the planet.
    you know, because shipping things 8000+ miles reduces carbon emissions.
    and that's what we REALLY care about.
    China, doing the polluting the US won't do.

  8. I have been in the transportation sector for 30 years and never has it been anywhere near this bad. In fct I never dreamed i would see what I am seeing. This clown and all of his fellow clowns if this administration should just say they are sorry. The gall to act like they have anything to offer anyone is so ridiculous that it boards on insanity.

  9. Jimmy him and I apparently we going play mates for a day 😔 he’s taken to editing the my post on tulsi during the election (to promote isreal) and probably other stuff just check if you received your tags on fb this morning and let me know the task for them now is “ make me look like some human psychopath…” @Jimmy little help with this will be appreciated !

  10. One of the reasons North American roads are so deadly is that transport trucks have been increasing yearly. Unlike other countries that rely more heavily on rail. There being very little option for public transit on rail either. This puts more strain on roads, is unsafe and worse emissions wise. So why do it? Maybe it cost less on the short term?

  11. Pete and Joe threw our infrastructure and supply chain into the toilet, so any marginal improvements will seem like they are miraculous. Pete has NO experience in this area. He was promised this gig to bow out of the primaries to let Joe rise to the top.

  12. Sorry Jimmy……..The USA will NEVER have a high speed train. NEVER. I have ridden on them in Italy and China. The costs to make those here would make them an impossibility.

  13. Is this our pathetic attempt to counter China's successful belt and road initiative? This should really change the global south's opinion of us.

  14. His speech sounds like it was taken out of the W.E.F. playbook : With all the appropriate feel good , kumbaya buzz words and N.W.O rhetoric : America needs a second Revolution and damn quick.

  15. Stop being cynical..
    We might be getting Chinese high speed railways
    German atuobahns
    Etc! Me thinks not!!!
    Maybe he is referring to buying a fleet of Chinese aircraft..that are not falling out of the sky as regularly as Boeing??

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