Buzz saw epithets: Racist, Anti Vaxxer, Conspiracy Theorist, TERF (from Livestream #82)

Buzz saw epithets: Racist, Anti Vaxxer, Conspiracy Theorist, TERF.
Clip with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying.

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #82 (originally streamed live on May 29, 2021):


What is this a clip from?
In this 82nd in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. This language is employed to dismiss. It reminds me of what bullies do on playgrounds. They also employ derogatory terms to shame and belittle and silence their victims. We resist by refusing to be bullied and silenced and by bravely standing up to the bullies and not allowing them to seize power and control.

  2. Never obeyed any rules and I am still here. People have incredible capacity to survive as well as, generally, benevolent environmental situations around the world.

  3. The term “lab leak” includes some branding as well. If a researcher got sick from the lab and became patient zero, then that is a “lab leak” but the term itself conjures up all images of sinister James Bond villain bioterrorism…

  4. Years ago, certain toxic people used epithets to un-person people for being gay or lesbian or even being Jewish. People used this kind of emotional bullying to suppress discussion about evolution or to intimidate people away from asking the "wrong" questions. In 2021, people are doing this. They've just changed which "flag" they do it under. They dishonestly change the definitions of words, so that judging people on their race is no longer racism — so that they can promote doing just that! The only thing that hasn't changed, is that the good people are the people on the side of truth and logic. Another thing that hasn't changed, is that the good people are being smeared by bad actors who claim to be on the side of "good."

  5. Irony at its finest. The whole video Heather and Bret argue against the use of mindless buzzwords, yet the whole comment section is filled with the political term "the left". Who is "the left" exactly? Big tech? Seems like one of the largest epithets out there. As a union man, I would consider myself a leftists in a traditional sense, but have no ties to oligarch billionaires attempting to vaccinated the whole world.

  6. Interesting stuff. But they sidestepped the origins of "Racist". For Kosher reasons I suppose. No moralizing from me, in a sense, we all have our tribes, in some sense of the word…

  7. You two are so intelligent ? I wish I were as smart as you. What does this mean…….”What is done in secret will be shouted on the rooftops”?

  8. It's not the Governments job to decide who takes vaccines. Being in a free society means every person can make their own decision. They already inject every child with 72 vaccines. This is very disturbing especially when the companies who produce these vaccines have absolutely no culpability. There are no actual statistics on the long term effect of these vaccines. Calling people anti Vaxxers or conspiracy theorists is just a way to belittle people so they do as they are told.

  9. Let’s pretend that the people pushing for vaccines aren’t racist. And just because it is in a needle doesn’t make it medicine. Africans and Indians have been warning about the bio weapons disguised as vaccines for decades Gates, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Fauci. Plenty of people who have exposed this agenda. America is still practicing eugenics but needs to be seen as benevolent and charitable as it steals from Africa. Many pseudo liberals deny this basic fact, is disingenuous. The illusion of “vaccines campaigns” by benevolent Westerners allows them to murder defenseless people secretly, yet openly while being praised for it. Playing stupid or ignorant is a favorite pastime. It’s always claimed the “contaminated vaccine”.

  10. I'm feeling the noose tightening from the vaccine pressure on all sides. I had to revisit each and every vaccine pamphlet online yesterday to remind myself why I'm not taking them. The truth still is, I'm waiting for better options. I will never take an experimental, untested (long-term) vaccine, period.

    I've noticed that some healthcare providers and doctors are berating the unvaccinated online, so I'd hate to think of the kind of care I would get if something does happen. But it shouldn't matter everyone should be treated equally regardless of their creed, faith or health status.

    The unvaccinated are being blamed for all the world's ills now. Read some of the comments in the /Coronavirus thread on Reddit.

  11. Another new term is "dog whistle." Anyone notice that the term "dog whistle" is itself a dog whistle – a secret code telling people they can ignore the argument being presented. For example "all lives matter." So all lives do not matter?

  12. Well , let's face it . . . With so much, very Evident "Global Vaccine Injury" , perhaps we eventually will celebrate being an "anti-vaxxer" , "conspiracy theorist" etc etc.. As it is now finally rising to the surface because of all the Global debate. Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome induced by Adjuvants (ASIA) Multi system inflammatory syndrome caused by the accumulative effect of administering so many individual vaccines in an infant/child or adult with any form of underlying immune system compromise, dysfunction or suppression. The development of multiple ssociated autoimmune disorders. Rising global "Vaccine Hesidency" is reflective of exactly how extensive the issue has become. As the "anti vaxxers" are the collective movement of parents and families who have either lost family members from Serious Adverse Reaction from the administration of a particular vaccine. Or were profoundly injured and left permanently brain damaged from the use of such products. Viral/toxin associated Neurological Injury and Infections post immunization. Autism is an Immune Mediated Disorder associated with the current administration of the full schedule of Childhood Immunizations in a systemically vulnerable infant or child. Currently at rates of 4.2% in some parts of the developed world according to a recently published UK Government Report on school age children. Our continued failure as a Society, is in our complete reluctance to correctly identify the growing cohort of young infants and young children who are in some way systemically vulnerable prior to commencment of the programme of immunization. Why? . . . Because it will force us to take an even closer look at another area of Medicine, which is a highly sensitive and emotive one. The whole area of "Obstetrics" and current "Obstetric Practices and Procedures". And the associated high risk of related malpractice Litigation. More "Truth & Transparency" is what's needed.
    "ScreeningB4Vaccines" to identify the cohort of infants and young children within the general population who are systemically vulnerable and at increased risk of developing secondary complication from the current use of Vaccines must become our absolute priority if we are ever to successfully reduce the high incidence and development of unnecessary secondary vaccine related injury and devastating regression and related disability in this generation of children.

  13. first there was a lockdown which cost me mybusiness and no assist here in South Africa. then I was screamed at for being white, and stripped of being adle to talk about anything that mattered, called anti Vax when I am not, and laughed so hard at the bribung to take the shots….. you get to not wear a mask, or you get to fly, or have an ice cone, even stand to win a lottery. and people think that is ok….. when ever were people bribed to take a vaccine? or did I miss the free beer with the tb shot? if we saw the real damage maybe we would take a new and in trial medicine, which often, people are paid to do anyway….. just saying

  14. These "buzzsaws" are just amoral, disingenuous, anti-debate tactics people use when they cannot win an argument on the strength of the ideas.
    A tactic, in many variations, as old as human discourse.
    It's too bad the average human still responds so readily to them.
    You would think over 10 000 years or so that we would learn to loathe both the tactics and those that deploy them as the vile, hateful, malicious things that they are.

  15. Your nail it Bret: the root of the buzz-saw is Territoriality, under direction from the Alpha Quest—the tap root of human destructiveness. Greg Nichols

  16. Communism sucks.
    The covert proponents of communism will lie, cheat, and steal their way into power with a moral authority founded in delusion.
    We are being manipulated by state sponsored agents inside our education system with a scientific understanding of psychology developed during the Cold War by the Soviets, CCP, and North Korea. It’s been a 80 year effort that has come to this final effort. All tools are being used, and nothing has been taken off the table.

  17. I am so happy to have you two on our team. When Heather came out in her momma bear mode I knew exactly how she felt. I do think that as you travel down this road your eyes maybe opened to other ways they are damaging our children.
    You find Dr Suzanne Humphries and Dr Stephanie Seneff work interesting.

  18. I replayed the end of this video a few times.. I think i might do it a few times more before i am ready to move on… I just needed to hear someone be adamant about their position on this . Thank you