Buzzfeed KNEW Their Trump Story Was FAKE, Withheld Evidence

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Written by Timcast

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  1. And yes, Tim, this does create a massive headache for Mueller's team, which is already facing scrutiny for the intensely biased people composing his team and the constant branching out of the investigation into angles that have nothing to do with 'Russian collusion'… some of which have collapsed embarrassingly or led nowhere.

  2. Buzzfeed accidentally? gives a way out to the Mueller's team. And they jump on it. Thank to Buzzfeed, they will not have to admit, officially, that the all thing was baseless. And the lefty will be able to maintain dought about the bogus accusation of collusions.

  3. All this fake news and outrage news will lead to 1 thing if the Russia Investigation leads to nothing: the Outraged left and some of the Right will demand “news verification “. Curated, Agency Approved News. And that’s the point to all of this.

  4. This is one of Mueller's tactics. Hide eveidence and lie is dirty ass off. We should all be suing Mueller when this is over for wasting our taxes on an investigation he KNEW was bull$hit. I hope Dr. Corsi takes everything right down to his toothbrush.

  5. Sounds like a strategy someone came up with to shut down the investigation while saving face. They know they have nothing. Now they can end the investigation and cast the blame on someone else "It wasn't US. Our information is tainted now. We have to shut everything down… oh, but Orange man STILL Bad." We'll never see a report. Two years and untold millions of taxpayer dollars wasted. All we will be left with is lingering suspicions (which is what the left wants).

  6. None of us are surprised, Tim. You're the one who's been trying to convince us that Buzzfeed and Buzzfeed News are different and both totally don't lie and push an agenda.

  7. Bullshit. I am a lawyer, if the mountain of conflicts of interest have not sunk Mueller by now nothing will. For fucks sake the shit bag delivered URANIUM TO RUSSIA HIMSELF. Is he investigating himself? In all my years as a lawyer I have never seen a more blatant conflict of interest.

  8. Like I said before, it's all about the hate the left trades in. Even when they know they are wrong they spew the hate out and even though they know there will be a page 12 retraction to their headline, out of every 1000 people that back off because of the retraction there will be 10-15 people who are also haters that will refuse the retraction or feign not having seen it, and still spread hate using it. It is a reflection of the hate they have and insist on having. It isn't about right or wrong, it is all about hate and hate has no need for justification or cause. They get to hate just because they don't like that kids face. Smiles can only be a smirk with ill intent drooling down the childs face. Hate. Hate. Hate.

  9. Ponders Buzzfeed intentionally torpedoing obviously bunk, partisan Muller investigation to bolster weight of future rhetoric along the lines of "Trump got away with Russian collusion because the investigation was never really done completely."

  10. If the MAGA kids story leads to everyone of these activist and journalists fired and their homes now under the ownership of the MAGA kids, then it goes from nightmare to a wet dream.

  11. They need to face punishment to the highest extent the law will allow, or this kind of corrupt stuff will continue and get worse. Mueller and the entire FBI should be ashamed of themselves.