Byron Donalds Confronts Ex-Twitter Execs With Email From Biden Team Calling For Tweet Removals

At today’s House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) grilled ex-Twitter executives over suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

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  1. The "Biden team" was a campaign, who was not a part of the US government at this time. Trump was president. Biden was a citizen. Neither nor his campaign had any governmental powers. And they asked for sick pics to be taken down. All these people are doing is making themselves look stupid.

  2. That hearing was pure gold 😁 No contact from the Biden admin, what they hoped to find. Instead the Trump whitehouse made so much pressure to take a personal insult about Trump down, so that twitter had to change their own policies. Jim Jorden was so alarmed about the possibility that twitter took a tweet down under pressure from the white house before the truth came out. So now he will investigate what was going on under Trump, right? Hypocracy will forbid that. The criminal corrupt grifters from the GOP always in search of their own wrong doings on the other side 😉

  3. JFC Byron Donald is is as much an embarrassment to the public as MTG, Gym and BoHo now. He embarrasses Floridians daily, but now the whole nation. I’m guessing they now considering Trump, Haley, Pence, Pompeo, etc. the actual US Govt right now. Such fools.

  4. After couple of decades The American owners made huge mistake, they underestimated Donald Trump, and he became the president of USA. After two years they were ready to do anything to not repeat the same mistake. And unfortunately for the American people and the world they succeeded in that. Two hundred thousand young man would have been alive today if president Trump was elected for the second time. The European people and the American people would have not suffer, like they are suffering today.

  5. So, found nothing, except they had to remove private pics. They grilled no one here.
    The permanent repeating of the same question shows how desperate Donalds was, because there is nothing.
    But they HAVE admitted, that Twitter has quickly changed policies in favour of Trump, so they don't have to block him and that and his team has asked to take tweets down. Forbes will not show that part of the hearing.

  6. Stop WHINING about what Twitter does and STOP USING IT!

    You know nothing will happen to these people. I commend Byron for grilling them but it will change nothing.

    America is castrated and won’t do shut to any political party because they’re one in the same.

  7. That was fabulous, Byron Donalds is a great inquisitor, i'm looking forward to more of this. Every time they can't remember, or don't, know they do themselves so much damage. Bye, Bye.

  8. Theater….. Now…. In black and white, it has been proven (time and time again) that the Government has used the Constitution for toilet paper…. What are you going to do about it?

  9. Biden hid in his basement as his team took over twitter and banned us all if we basically said hunter Biden and his dad are sick freaks as Biden is getting ready to run again and demand YouTube and the rest shield him again

  10. This guy Roth is CLEARLY lying saying he supposedly "doesnt" know anything and says he didnt meet with the Biden team. They had SO much corruption within that company and the US government and now they are trying so hard to COVER it up.

  11. Disgraceful, unacceptable tweets should be removed. Republicans have a habit of posting disinformation, lies, half truths. Even if specific tweets had not been removed, Biden would still have won. Free speech should only go so far. Nude photos of anyone has no place on Twitter.

  12. The Republicans are starting to do what they should’ve done the whole time take the gloves off, this is no longer a boxing match this is a fight for the survival of the United States of America. Each and everyone of these Twitter executives that were in high positions and keep claiming they know nothing about what happened under their watch is unacceptable. Charge these people with whatever crimes they committed And see to it they get the maximum sentence

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