Caleb Maupin: We Need to Stick Together


In this clip from PRIMOR RADICAL: UNCENSORED, Caleb Maupin — who was recently banned from PayPal along with MintPress News and Consortium News — explains why during times of repression, we need to have the solidarity among dissidents.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. How do I do that when certain communists I know say women that get abortions are murderers and anybody that’s a pagan of any sort is automatically a Nazi?

  2. Thanks, Primo. Caleb is a true organizer. We all need to stick together and learn from each other while we do it. Now is the time.

  3. You are so right about relearning how to get together. Rugged Individualism and American Exceptionalism have been the tools to build barriers between us, and we must step out of that.

  4. I noticed the FDR biography by hw brands in the background.

    I have been meaning to buy that book for a while now.

    I just bought the FDR biography by Robert dallek.

    I can't find the official biography of FDR.

    When looking for political bio's, I can't help noticing that there's thousands of books on Reagan and Truman but not so many of FDR or Wallace! 🤔

  5. How can we stick together when Blumenthal is on Twitter advocating for J.D. Vance and his far right fringe? He's advocating on forcing people into further debt peonage. He has a history of putting down BLM. You're all bonkers. The only way to stick together is to show up on the strike lines. Do mutual aid in your communities. Help actual workers seize control of their means.

  6. Agree about chasing the past… I believe the whole purpose of creating social media for the establishment is to trace people's past so they can be smeared even decades afterwards following a tweet, opinion or anything really… this is what they did to Trump, Asange and many others… If we don't disregard other people's faults, the establishment will be blackmailing everyone in the near future

  7. Merci for this interview. If you guys had been looking at the climate and it's impact on agricultural land, you'd be aware that we have exhausted the possibilities for our continuation of our life on this planet. Someone was asking about an alternative to PayPal. I started to try (and fail) to organize a community to throw off the shackles of Global Corp Inc and it's dependance on Big Oil and Big Ag. I said that I would work in the future for a cabbage.
    FYI we are starting to melt all the Arctic Sea Ice, and it's early May. And it was 60°C in India. That is 140°F. And it will get worse.

  8. If they arrest Haba the Vaush, or Skippy the bear unlikely scenario since they rarely arrest their cover agents but if it happened, I would publicly protests and privately celebrate

  9. Caleb Maupin: the master smeariest corporate communist is the lest worthy poster of being helped. He is a Bigot, a Homophbe, a Trans Basher, makes death threats against other Marxists DOXXES people, and is Stefan Molyneux Twinner (Steven King quote!!!!

  10. Great clip! I disagree with Caleb on a number of things, but standing together against tyranny is not one of them. And Primo, despite the censorship, you're really doing some fantastic interviews and coverage, single handedly keeping up with the 24 hr news cycle in your own way.

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