California Detention Center FORCIBLY Injects Teen Boy With Female Hormones

In a very disturbing news story, a California juvenile detention center used female hormones (ostensibly) to make a boy more compliant and agreeable. Adam and Tim discuss the lawsuit and the details we know so far about this medical malpractice.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Anyone who wants to give children estrogen treatments or any kind of gender treatment should be in prison children do not know exactly what they want to do with their lives which is why they are restricted in many ways until the age of 18 anyone doing this thing is in clear violation and harming a child if a child cannot get a tattoo till they are 18 why should they be allowed to be given hormone treatments tattoos can at least be remove fairly cheaply where is the damage from hormone treatments cannot be undone cheaply it is okay for a child to think that they want to be a different gender but it is not okay for somebody to try and force them to be a different gender and if that child I wants to be different gender then they should have to wait until the age of 18 to start their transformations I know what I wanted wasn't as a child it's not what I want as an adult so I say if a child thinks they want to be a different gender be supportive but do not allow them to undergo hormone treatments until they are the age of 18 and even if that 18 may still be too young what I wanted at 18 is not what I want at 30 my point is a child may think they want something and then as time goes by realize that that is not what they wanted and if it is still what they want well then by all means

  2. I'm calling it right here, right now. Schools will be drugging kids food to chemically castrate them. They're already doing this shit in Juvy and you know teachers want to.

  3. CA has a long & storied history of stuff like this. They were part of the forced lobotomies, forced sterilization of "undesirables" like the homeless, mentally ill, & developmentally delayed. Additionally, they experimented with eugenics & the anti-messegination movement as well with forced abortion of mixed race babies. All of this under the early 20th century Democrats & Progressive Fabian Socialist movement. Anyone else seeing the pattern here every 100 years or so?

  4. This is just disgusting. A man can’t even grow up to be a man anymore in today’s society. Doctors who do this shit & are found guilty in court should have whatever they prescribed to the patient, prescribed to them instead. Or at the very least, jail time. This is disgusting & this “man” needs to pay for attempting to ruin this kids life.

  5. That has got to be the most hideous thing I have ever heard of. It completely and utterly eviscerates and surpasses any medical atrocity committed by the Nazi regime.
    And you people think God is not looking down and seeing this hideousness? Why do you think there is a movement to erase the culture which has progressed to the point of this unparalleled horror?
    God has said, "I can no longer hold my wrath."

  6. These types of people deserve to be hunted and killed. Is that violent, youtube? If so, then I don't care; These officials need to be put down like the dogs that they are and their corpses left to rot in the ditch .

  7. The worst part about this is that since this happened under a trump presidency, if it gets put on the mainstream, they have an opportunity to say that trump is allowing this kind of stuff to happen. Its sick fucks that work without conscience or maybe some terrible directions or some incredibly stupid doctor(?), but this isn't trumps fault. He will stop people like this, its just unfortunate he cant stop the sadistic handlers before this stuff happens