California Governor Attacks Florida; Fails Miserably

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  1. i think Newsom is trying to replace all the ppl fleeing California with Floridians – is he sure he wants Florida Man living in his state?

  2. I've lived in Tampa for 40 years. Rockin Ron is the best governor that we've EVER had. Wouldn't trade him with a California Socialist on a bet.

  3. This coming from a dictator in the worst run state besides Illinois. California rigged their districts making sure he stays in power that's a major reason they're bleeding residents.

  4. Nice job Andrew, I am born and raised in California and moved out in Dec/2020 because of this clown, the people in CA are absolutely crazy and follow this thought process like the drones they are, it's a cult.

  5. I live in California currently. Please never come to this shit hole (I know that's obvious).
    Over here, the only people who truly have the freedom to do anything they want: are criminals.

  6. When I saw this ad on The Five, I knew it was a load of rubbish. I love these videos where you break it apart and analyse it step by step. Gavin Newsom is full of shit.

  7. I just couldn't help but laugh hysterically at this guy just straight up asserting that Commiefornia of all places has "more freedom" than the likes of Florida. California, the place with some of the strictest business regulations; strictest gun control laws besides NYC and New Jersey; higher taxes than almost anywhere; and the right to self-defense is basically non-existent. We were one of the states with the tightest lockdowns and kept mask/vaccine mandates in place long after everywhere else got rid of them. The list of the lack of freedoms that you have in California could go on, and someone could make several video essays about how little freedom you actually have in California. However, I just like how he throws in "freedom from hate" in there as if that actually means anything when criminals are basically free to victimize you with little to no repercussions, so you know this is all bullshit.

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