California Is Now Doing The Unthinkable


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  1. You know how when you book a hotel, and they charge you money and put a hold on your card because you may damage the room, and then it requires that the whole room be cleaned everyday, and then you need soaps, toiletries and staff to support how many rooms that are booked. And how your guests book in specifically nicer areas so they don't have crazy drug addicts next to them and their familes… Yeah well apparently they don't XD

  2. I'm genuinely not dissing on homeless people, but some of these people are desperate to get some money for their problem & surely this would make guests vulnerable to being targeted as ripe for the picking?

  3. I rented a room in New Jersey at a days inn. No where did it say that they took section 8. We get there and find secton 8 was the case. They lied about amenities and how the place looked. I watched a drug deal take place as I get to the room. You can smell weed in the hallways. I opened the door and noped right on out. The window wouldn't shut properly. I was told it was for my safety in a fire. People had put blocks to keep locked doors open. When I complained, I was called a bitch. So got my money back and went somewhere else. Gas station nearby told me that we were lucky that cops didn't pull us over because of the massive amount of drugs being sold out of the hotel. I did not feel safe, I don't think people would be safe in allowing hotel rooms to be given or like that either

  4. Sadly I live in NYC and since Ex-Mayor DumBlasio they have been doing this. There has been hundreds of millions if not billions of tax payer money spent on paying for homeless to live in hotels. It's a shame where they claim afterwards that there is no homeless problem.

  5. They voted to DEFUND the police and now these idiots regret it now?! Are doing kidding me?! They will vote pass the bill?!

    Two more major corporations have closed all their branches in California!

  6. "The technologies aren't up to par" LOL what is that clown talking about? You're homeless, you're not entitled to free internet and free paid-per-view Sport. I swear, it's like these places exist in a separate universe…

  7. Many jobs require you to have a place to send a paycheck, or some other "home" situation. Maybe if housing rates weren't so absurdly high, zoning laws weren't so strict, and drug using individuals with mental health were treated as such instead of just looked at as a special type of person, in these areas there'd be less homeless.

  8. Imagine paying 150 plus dollars a night to stay in hotel and be harassed by a mental unstable homeless person. Yeah, I am good. I have experienced that btw. It is heartbreaking but you can't do anything about it because at the end of the day it is on them to turn their life around.

  9. What most likely will happen the Citizens will Vote against will even Celebrate that won. And just like Prop 187 in 2002 The 9 circuit Will overturn the election as discrimination Hate and Inhuman this Prop will pass just like Prop 187 did. Which was by the way The state which passed 187 saying Illegals and not Suck off the state goverment Nipple. And a couple got 187 overturn.

  10. How do they verify that the people are homeless? Sounds to me like a free hotel room while on vacation if you make yourself look disheveled and act a bit confused so they can't get a lot of straight answers out of you… Just saying…

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