CALLED IT: Volleyball Player’s ATTACK on WHITE Fans Backfires

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BYU released a statement on Friday stating that after a thorough investigation, no evidence had been found that racial heckling and slurs took place at the Duke vs. BYU women’s volleyball match on August 26.

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Written by Michael Knowles


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  1. I'm waiting for a known black ganger to murder a white man, then be held up as a hero after planting a hood in his victim's pocket that the mugger bought off of ebay.

    Such stunning, much brave, so victim.

  2. When people jump to believe in these hoaxes it shows you the power of the media has over controlling the narrative. People have it pressed into their brains so much that they believe it without question and if that isn't a form of mind control then nothing is

  3. The liars should be expelled and their lives ruined. They should have no future but a bleak one. They have deceptively tried to create strife and affect our politics. They should be done

  4. Clearly Rachel Richardson made it all up to get some sympathy, aka Jussie style. What a disgusting, evil act, and sad that Duke can't accept the investigation results and instead doubled down. Duke should be ashamed of supporting fake racial accusations.

  5. You know as much s*** as LeBron talks he might be right…… I mean come on think about it he talked so much s*** he might be in danger when he walks out his door who knows? I mean when you talk that much s*** and you pissed that many people off and you are wrong consistently but you keep running your mouth eventually somebody's going to shut it or at least try. I'm not being racist oh, I'm not being a bully, I am talking common sense. My mom always used to tell me that the squeaky wheel gets the grease…….

  6. She should have asked Jussie Smollett about how this is done properly. She could have walked onto the Volleyball field with a Subway sandwich and a noose around her neck. This would have given her much more attention. It's fascinating how the demand for racism is so much higher than the supply, so people have to make it up.

  7. Don't forget BYU immediately banned an autistic man who was in the stands, with no proof what so ever. BYU threw a white disabled man to the wolves knowing he was innocent. Christian my ass.

  8. Ummmm maybe not racism but to pretend women don't get assaulted, raped and murdered every day is really ignorant to say. It's an epidemic, especially added with gender ideology erasing women from society.

  9. I'm done being nice about it. I'm done defending against it. I'm DONE. They wanted a racist enemy… THEY HAVE ONE. Any racism I feel is born and earned righteously thru the last few years. I HAVE JUSTIFIED HATE IN MY HEART… and for the rest of my life… it will STAY THERE.

  10. Imagine thinking you share or have something in common with others simply because they have the same skin color. (This actually reduces everyone down to their most insignificant and irrelevant quality of skin color, the act in and of itself is racist).
    That's the entirety of black subculture in America.
    "We are a brotherhood and sisterhood"
    No, you're people. Get over yourselves and join reality ffs.

  11. When I saw BYU student says something racist to Duke volleyball player i first thought it was a typo and the writer got the school names reversed but then i remembered there are no black ppl at BYU so then i got really confused another on going mystery im still looking for the guys in Chicago that beat up poor Jussie

  12. Exactly how is the "N" word, offensive towards the African American community?
    I'm asking, especially knowing that Ithe African American community uses the "N" word and many other derogatory word's in the English language amongst themselves and towards each other all the time?

  13. I think BYU and their athletic department are also in the wrong here. They assumed it happened and shut down the student section indefinitely. Then their AD lectured everyone at the next home game. Since it's come out that this was a hoax, there has been no apology to the students and no reimbursement for the lost games they weren't allowed to attend but had paid for (from what I've found, I may be wrong, they did reinstate the student section later). Why did they assume guilt immediately? Why did they immediately play along with the mass media hysteria and let everyone know they were conducting an investigation? I have no issue with an investigation, but they went along with how the media was defining the situation. Why did they feel the need to use it as a teaching moment and hand out punishments before the truth was even known?

    If this was a secular institution, this would be bad enough, but at BYU (a religious institution), it's even worse to see how they handled this. This situation gets added to the list which shows, in my view, BYU cares more about savvy public relations and cultivating a non-offensive image through head-nodding at ideologies (even those they fundamentally disagree with) than about simplicity in Christ. What if they had dismissed the charges, handled the investigation quietly, and encouraged everyone to live the Gospel? Everyone would be pissed at BYU (including many BYU profs and students) and myriad recriminations would follow. Why is this not acceptable?

  14. Crazy how there’s so many white supreme pizzas everywhere that every time there’s “a racists incident” it’s fake. 🤔

    👀👀where are all the white supreme pizzas at? Still can’t find any

  15. Yes there is "Institutional racism" in this country, and it is aimed squarely at Whites and Asians. It's called "Affirmative Action"! Get rid of it, and let's abolish the civil rights act while we're at it!

  16. What's funny was I called it out when it first broke. I said, terrible if true, but I need to see evidence. The amount of hate I got was borderline criminal, but I found it funny. I find it even more hilarious when it turns out I was right. Did I ever get an apology? Nope.

  17. So, a stadium full of fans armed with cell phones and there is no video evidence of it? Don't they realize it is 2022 and you can't knock on someone's door without being recorded.

  18. Can't we just be people? Black, brown, yellow, white, red… it really doesn't matter. Imagine being so privileged you can complain while playing a sport to get free higher education. Not to mention the privilege of being able to flush your waste, turn a knob for fresh running water and an abundance of food available for your entire country.

    The women of Congo would like to know your oppression.

  19. I go to BYU and was there that night on the front row where she said it happened. I heard NOTHING. I think it’s important to mentioned that we broke the attendance record and the noise record that night. I couldn’t even hear my thoughts! It was that loud! There’s not way she heard something that clearly if it even happened. Also the students at BYU are some of the best people I’ve ever been around. If something like this did happen, everyone who heard it, would say something.

  20. Didn't BYU ban a man they claimed had been responsible for the slurs? He was reported as being challenged. What happened to him? How must he feel to have been scapegoated by BYU based on no evidence as a means of making BYU look like they are doing something?

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