Calling a Super Bubble: Front Row With Jeremy Grantham

For almost a half-century, value-investing icon Jeremy Grantham has been calling market bubbles. Now, he says U.S. stocks are in a “super bubble,” only the fourth in history, and poised to collapse. In this interview, Grantham, co-founder of Boston’s GMO, goes further, explaining his bubble analysis and discussing what he sees as multiple threats to the economy and the planet, including persistent inflation and climate change. He spoke exclusively with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg’s “Front Row.”
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  1. It’s interesting to see all the commentary from financial analysts that dismiss this guy . His thesis is playing out now and it seems we are in early declines …..

  2. His general idea is correct however the most important point to be made in this period is not about the idea but timing. to put it simple, you could say this to anytime that the market has rallied for two years that deviate from the fundamentals.

  3. Bubbles are usually created by greed and FOMO. Once those positions run headlong into economic reality we see a correction. This one should be pretty big. Save your cash and wait.

  4. The gentleness and clarity with which Mr. Grantham communicates gives confidence for identifying the issues at hand. Thank you! Yet, my greatest fear, is that we shall be like the residents of the Falkland Islands, trying to plant trees. I look at man, and wonder, what happened to our ability to have ingenuity ? The question begs: how to create an economic cosmology with ingenuity.

  5. The reason we keep having bubbles is because the rich ruling class makes a killing on the way up, and the middle and lower classes get killed on the way down. The rich can not lose. The Feds work for the elite, not the people. That's the poison of the American system.

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  7. We need an entirely new monetary system, not based on profit or commerce. We need the Gold standard back, which will cure a lot of ills. The Fed needs to be disabled because they will not be needed to manipulate the economy as they have been doing.

  8. The stock market was in a bubble. It has to come down. It has to come down. We printed $6T, that money HAS to be pulled from the market to stop inflation. Maybe not all of it but I would say more than half. You do this by increasing interest rates and quantitative tightening. Inflation is the single worst thing for the economy. It is worse that a stock market crash, it is worse than a recession, it is worse than a housing market crash. It is an economy killer. It has to be stopped before we sort out the rest. Powell's problem is he is late to the party and is still moving too slowly.

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