Calling All Whistle Blowers

Dr Brendan Moloney posits 3 ways to dismantle the corruption, smoke and hypnosis in Australia:

1. The ‘boofheads’ (mainstream Australians) protesting
2. Political means (Adem Somyurek, whistleblowers)
3. Foreign/external force

This is a segment from a full interview available at:

Dr Brendan Moloney is an expert in the formation and life cycle of cults, and explained the similarities in a wide ranging interview on parallel economies, parallel societies and parallel academic institutions.


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  1. The problem with Australia is that all of the non-Partisan foreign agents have already left the major parties. There isn't a single MP from liberal and labour that isn't brought and sold.

  2. The only way this all changes is by God intervening and exposing the corruption. This has gone beyond man. Sure, there may be whistleblowers but if the system is still rigged against you nothing will change.

  3. I'm already aware of 142 testimonies documented from whistle blowers who have come forth and spoken and many rogue whistle blowers who've been censored. People have and are coming forward in the medical and science industry who've blown the lid off of all of all of this. The premieres of the state are doing the prime minister's dirty work.
    FYI the political parties coming forth with whistle blowers doesn't hold any merit of conversation worth having. Wishful thinking for them to bury their grave. Liberals and labour are both corrupted.

  4. Why haven't anymore whistle-blowers come forwards from the Andrews government or the Victorian police organisations?
    Because unlike Krystle Mitchell they don't have any balls!

  5. There are 30% of the hypnotized that will never awaken . The goal is to keep them from swaying the 40% of the population who are only marginally under the spell of the mass hypnosis ( mass formation , Professor Mattias Desmert University of Ghent , Belgium ) , we have been witness to the last twenty months , before the atrocities begin .

  6. It takes bravery courage and an adult, there is a lack of them at the moment. Children want to be saved by someone no one is coming to save you you have to stand up for yourselves respect yourself choose how you want to treated don't conform and expect change.

  7. I still get looked at as a nutter for suggesting that I may be forced into a camp like the aboriginals who tested negative. Even when I explain that it's happening right now and the MSM is reporting it and it's 1 state over. And the camps are built here (QLD).
    What do you have to say to get through to them? Do they need a jack-boot standing on their face?

  8. The police could be like others world-wide……….. go through the motions……… but when it comes to doing the wrong things against fellow citizens, they can be steadfast and do what they KNOW IN THEIR HEARTS is the RIGHT thing……. no bashings, no handcuffing, no shooting, no arrests, no intimidation. WALK WITH US…… like they have in France and Italy……….

  9. Businesses are locking people out, some doctors may accept you but treat you like a leper and take you in the back way, some nurseries won’t serve you, people can’t buy clothes, we still all pay taxes, rates and Medicare levies but are being treated like dogs,, outcasts, disgraceful behaviour from our fellow man. It’s dehumanising, it’s inhumane, it’s creating anxiety, making people angry.
    Our children need our help, how many kids will have to die before they stop this madness.
    And then fizzer announced that the boosters could be ongoing, that’s not a vaccinnnneee that’s a medication. And politicians are not answering their phones. They are starting to become cowards in the face of the storm.

  10. Yes! But I think everyone around Dan feels like their life won't be worth living if they get sprung. It's unbelievable no one has "leaked" anything, thus far. Very sad.

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