CALLING OUT MEDIA LIES: Johnny Depp’s Battle for MEN’S RIGHTS vs Amber Heard! | Louder with Crowder

We tell you all you need to know about the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard defamation trial. SPOILER: It’s not how the media is portraying it. There is also a college course that teaches you how to watch porn with your friends. And Rudy Guiliani is the Masked Singer? #JohnnyDepp #AmberHeard #MaskedSinger

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Written by StevenCrowder


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  1. What needs to change is those who marry for money. Marriage should have a law to where , if it doesnt work , you leave with your own personal items and split the percentage invested of those purchased together. Kind of sounds like a prenup , but there should be zero reason for anyone to pay for a lifestyle one accrued and allowed their now ex to enter by marriage. I get child support !!! But even then , it should just be a standard amount. Todays world is just absurd !! So many women are looking for a rich guy who they can screw over in divorce and change their entire financial status. You take marriage back to its original form and reason , and deter those with mal intentions , there could be a comeback. Otherwise , no smart man will ever marry again !!

  2. One of the smallest, but most evil indicators of abuse is when a person who perpetrates abuse tries to compare what has happened to something more severe, or minimize it.

    "Oh get up. You have fallen harder than that before. Didn't you play sports?"
    "I didn't punch you. I shoved you on the shoulder."
    "Would you rather I left bruises on you?"
    "I didn't neglect your interests. Would you rather I were a total piece of shit?"

    (All actual examples I have witnessed.)

    By trying to compare it to something worse, or minimize what has happened, you implicate that the victim should feel guilty for thinking it's abuse.

  3. Watching her tells you everything. If he was overplaying or lying about the liquor bottle, she would have given some indication, it's human nature. The look on her face is screaming "I can't believe you'd actually tell everyone about that"….not "You lying bastard"

  4. Listening to the audio of her talking about hitting him… honestly felt like I was listening to a conversation between me and my Ex. Did I come forward? No. Did are leave her? Yes. Did she make up several lies and allegations about me to my neighbors that I had to correct after I moved back in and threw her crackhead-ass out? Yep that too! Problem is, she's a she and I'm a he. And nobody cares when it's this way. If I'd lost money on her allegations, I'd have sued her. But I kept the house and she kept her crack pipes.

  5. My heart goes out to Johnny. I've been there. I made the mistake of defending myself, and I'm branded a monster forever. Doesn't matter that I was punched in the head 6 times, had my neck clawed open, and didn't raise a hand until she armed herself. I'm automatically the bad guy.

  6. I would like to see a world where marriage is not just a legal document that allows two people to do taxes together. I think making it almost financially impossible for a woman to stay home and be the housewife or the stay at home mom and the husband or dad to go to work and know he’s making enough to support that is wrong. I’m not saying all women need to stay home and be in the kitchen and if they want to go to work that is an option but with every positive thing (such as making double income) there is a negative (such as not having time to raise your own kids or maintain a stable home condition). I am married and have two wonderful daughters under 2 years old and my biggest struggle is the constant feeling and proof in the bills of not being able to support my family financially. If I want to support them in this economy I typically have to give up time with them to work more hours or pick up extra labor somewhere else. It’s been so engrained In women’s heads that they need to be self sustaining and “not need no man” that they stop trying or maybe their parents don’t even teach them the importance of how to be a wife/mom. My wife is a good example of parents who both worked and didn’t have the time that they needed to be great home parents/examples. I don’t hate them for it because I know they did what they could but they shouldn’t have had to.

  7. Turd is a psycho. She has no problem writing off whatever she does as ok, so her hitting him is ok. I fully understand if i hit any one I better be ready to get swung on by male or female.

  8. How I justify marriage is by acquiring enough stuff and finances that when I’m forced to give up half because she cheated on me that I won’t suffer while she thrives. She will of course get a monthly payment of what she was accustomed to, which is extremely fair. Even though she was committing adultery while I was working excessively to build our business, she absolutely deserves half of that.

  9. I had a crazy ex, and I must say these laws on women are a disgrace. I had bloody scratched all over my arms equivalent to what a raccoon with rabies would do to you. Police came over over but I didn’t press charges ( I should have ! ) even the cops wanted to arrest her but I refused. If this ever happens to you , press charges immediately.

  10. How did Crowder miss that joke about the HS porn class filing up like China with more men than women, then you hear, yeah – it’s full of engineers😂😂

  11. Thanks you so much for saying this out loud, louder in deed!
    I didn't see my 1.5 year old son for a year and had to spend every bit of money I had and some of my parents retirement and 3 years in court to finally get equal rights as a father. I was subjected to supervised visitation and treated like a monster and had to hear horrible lies about myself in court. All with no evidence, and no prior accusations toward me, they just take their word. There is no burden of proof for them. I had ex girlfriends trying to stand-up for me ect…..horrible, so damaging. The worst part for us men is then for the benifit of our children we have to pretend none of it happened so that the children are not effected.

  12. I used to like this guy, until I seen all the videos he’s made about Islam. Not sure if he’s apologised since but if you’re reading this check it out. Literally shames all Muslims an calls Mohammad the original isis member/leader

  13. today it was found out that she hit jonny depp it was on audio tape
    it sucks that both men and women will take advantage of anything 🙁 this is why critical thinking is a great thing to learn about

  14. I got married at 20 years old…since i dont beleive in the god of gouvernement and because i was banned from church for my grand parents not paying la dime (sorry for my french). My uncle whos missionary in chile came down to canada and performed a wedding in front of god .with close family in my moms back yard. Hope this will get me some of geralds dna…

  15. Numbers pertain to the circumference in inches around your rib cage and letters are strictly cup size. It’s not difficult. And for you men who are looking to buy their ladies sexy lingerie, here is a tip. Look through her bras, pick the one that you think she looks best in, find the size on the tag and voila!

  16. Should I put my Porn Course on my Resume?
    I think people will fail the class and say "Well damn, I have to take it again." does one fail a porno class?

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