Calm Down, Liberals

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  1. Justice Dankula, residing in the 51st State of Scotland, is an international treasure and must be protected at all costs. He has single-handedly illustrated the fact that the left cannot meme, neither do they understand the Constitution, and finally that they cannot look farther than their twitter feeds for knowledge or affirmation. Well done, sir!

  2. Lefties are the biggest racists! Blac person; best friend if you agree, if not then they arw the 'n-word' i've noticed those on the other side, name calling isn't as much if you disagree.

  3. Damn my head hurts. Not these fake satanists again! I'll let you in on a little secret: There are no "real Satanists". It took me a long time to understand Anton Levay's real point. Which is as follows: people are very stupid and will believe anything. Anton, an old Carny could not have been clearer about this, as such, it all started as a very clever joke that at first he saw the value in the ceremony and ritual despite it being completely hollow. However the reality is (and these wannabe satanists are crushed or in denial when ever I tell them this) he was the first Eric Cartman, seeing that no one around him had the presence of mind to get the joke became sorly irritated at just the massive degree to which his thesis was correct. People really were and are painfully stupid. That must of been one hell of a realization and stung sharply that instead of getting the joke, these idiots began as fast as they could to codify the fake religion into a real one. Or right out of TSB he "grew tired of the games" at which point he basicly pulled a cartman saying "screw you guys, i'm going home"

    Which he did. Never to return to public life. Long story short this "wonderous mystic church" everyone lauded about only existed for 2 years, 2! Thats it. Since then, only pions who didn't get it carrying it forward.

    If only they knew, the level of contempt he would've had for them. That is of course if they are even intelligent enough to feel ashamed of their alarming stupidity!

  4. i think you should dig deeper into AOC's money scheme – she's raising money for a state that could pretty much keep abortions as were – so where is that money going?

  5. John keeps killing it, those voices he did for the triggered tweeters were great lol. Oh, and I’m sure Trudy can imagine how women feel, after all, he IS a giant poosay.

    Edit: had to change the spelling because Big Suze doesn’t like the p-word, of course 🙄

  6. Don’t think a lot of people realize that if a citizen of a anti abortion state, travels to a state that is pro abortion, that citizen can still be charged with a crime upon returning to their state. Just like people travel abroad, get a child prostitute (where it might be legal) and then upon returning to the US get detained and arrest for sex with a minor. It happens quite a bit with drug related charges and can happen with underage drinking as well.

  7. o;o i get that they are saying free sex with them, by twerking, with abortions letting them not have babies… But i think the right to abort is needed so people like this… DONT BREED.

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