Campus Free Speech Op-Ed Leads To Blue Check PILE ON

UVA senior Emma Camp discusses the backlash to her recent op-ed decrying cancel culture on college campuses.

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  1. Ryan – Debate is rarely about scoring points at the expense of people who hold opinions one disagrees with. I’ve had extremely courteous discussions with people who disagreed with me. In one case, i was forced to take a position I initially disagreed with. I came around after weeks of research and presented my position clearly, concisely & courteously. The second came when i was debating the relative merits of communism & capitalism with a published, tenured professor from UCLA who was a Communist. We were sitting in a jacuzzi at the gym we both worked out at for at least 30 minutes. We treated each other with respect & courtesy throughout. I won the debate. The larger point was that he was the only person on the left who defended Dr. Tim Groseclose when LEFT TURNS was published. The rest of the Professors on the Left attacked Groseclose, demanding the UCLA revoke his tenure.

  2. So they interview someone they’re hiring who says she’s disgruntled with college but found an intellectually stimulating group anyway. They provided no context as to what she said, how she was stifled (how is one stifled if your message is trending?), or any counter viewpoints. All to claim colleges are intolerant places for conservatives (although she is a “liberal libertarian”).

    Maybe she was just trying to shock people and wasn’t taken serious because of her attitude. We don’t know, and unfortunately are left to research just the basic facts to find out. Terrible piece of ”journalism”.

  3. I am not saying it was intentional but Ryan exemplified exactly what is wrong with many in the "debate me bro" culture when he tried to parse the very use of the word "debate" to begin with.
    I have often seen this kind of unnecessary trip down the rabbit hole of vernacular scrutiny abused by "debate me bros" when they are trying to derail the substance of someone's position by drowning it in what is only tangentially related rhetoric.
    I think the overwhelming majority who read it understood that it was well within the colloquial usage of "discussing opposing viewpoints" and not a call for aggressive chest thumping.

    Don't get me wrong, sometimes a person really is egregiously misusing a word and needs to be corrected but that is not what happened in this instance, and if you disagree…
    DEBATE ME BRO! jk/lol

  4. Ryan's word salad was a little embarassing. I appreciate being devil's advocate, but that was ridiculous.

    What he was talking about is the distinction between debate and dialectic.

  5. Ryan you must get tired of steal manning really bad progressive ideas. if you don't want to test your ideas it's a debate than don't get in a debate. if your too soft to deal with hurt feelings than home where you're safe, the free world is not for people who can't stand the honesty of others.

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