Can the Taliban hold on to power? | Robert Crews and Lex Fridman

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Robert Crews is a historian at Stanford, specializing in Afghanistan, Russia, Islam, Central Asia, and South Asia.

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Written by Lex Clips


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  1. If you watch the whole podcast, please consider the following; at around 14:00 I want to point out when he says Afghan vs Afghani he is 100% correct. Please use Afghan not Afghani. Also at 22:00 to be clear Islam 100% prohibits all forms of intoxicants, be it Alcohol or other substances that have the same affect. At 45:00 literally if you guys have any questions please let me know because truly like he said on an islamic scholarly bases the ideas are not upheld in anyway. At around 1:20:00 the Taliban initally came about why? Because a group of women were raped. So they said we have to punish these people and give safety to our womenfolk, they went through and found all the rapist and hung them publicly. After that the public realized they had more safety in them and that gave them a push. Later they destroyed all the opium fields because rape and drugs and adultery are all prohibited in Islam and are punishable acts. Along the lines things got blurred they deviated from Islamic teachings and people like Osama Bin Laden plus 9/11 really overshadowed all. The reason of women covering and them staying home is because Islamically the women isnt obliged to work she actually has the right to the wealth of her male kin and so for example the husband is obliged to provide for his family without question so financial responsibilites fall on the males shoulders. The reason for covering is many, for example it is to protect and honor the women. The covering makes women not discernible and this inevitably leads to less sexual assualt/less sexual violence/less rape of course I separated those three to try and cover like all spectrums cause even something as simple as cat calling to something like rape the whole spectrum is lessened if not totally done away with. In reality it actually is very pro-women and we can compare this to western countries truly countries all around where sexuality has simply become objectification and exploitation and how clearly detrimental it is to society and how plastic surgey and subjecating yourself to pornographical standards is literally the bareminimum a female is asked to do to be merely accepted in todays society as a significant figure. Regarding the martydom aspect this is not simply about good and evil or something like that, its about the reasoning behind it. Of course I am not standing up for Taliban just for the correct Islamic perspective. We do ask the All Mighty to guide all and to grant the people of Afghanistan peace and prosperity and contentment. Also of course suicide attacks are 100% against Islam as well, its 100% prohibited to kill yourself let alone innocent people. Also regarding education, in Islam women have a right to education, the first ever university in history was founded by a muslim women. Islam has one of the most rich female scholarship histories in the world. There is a single work of over 10,000 biographies of islamic female scholars of the highest caliber. At 1:35:00 This is actually the opposite of the truth because we know that the Taliban destroyed all the poppy fields they could before 2001 and after that as the new American funded, well further funded, government replaced it, there is documented proof that the US soldiers themselves were guarding poppy fields so to say America wanted them destroyed it 100% false, they were the profiters of the same very fields. Also

    and again going back the previously mentioned points regarding females but to add to that, At 1:43:30 its hard to believe form the western perspective that someone would chose an animal and mud compound over industrial technological advances and this is also why its hard to believe that women would prefer their men work instead of themselves or how women would prefer to cover instead of being sexualized and objectifed and not have to get plastic surgery or do all of this or that and instead cover and stay home. This is hard to believe because we as westerners say nakedness is freedom and pleasure is the ultimate goal in any and everything regardless of the future consequence. This also is simply the indoctrination of the imperalist mindset, its how slavery was justified, british colonialism, you name it… its under the guides of human rights but its not its actually the idea of the white mans burden to civilize others. The sad part is that the definition of civilize in reality is to conquer and dominate and inevitably ruin whether by intention or not. Its because what the western liberal civil rights movement views as good for one is not just viewed as good for one, its viewed as good for all and no logical discussion or debate will suffice the greed and ignorance so nukes are used and sanctions and plain and simple 20 years and trillions of dollars in war in invading other countries. Like the simple truth is imagine if those trillions aboloished college debt and went into infrastructure and all those lives were not lost etc etc etc. 2:06:30 no… just no. Even if we measure things in terms of the western logic killing raping and utterly ruining millions and millions and millions like 10s and 10s of millions… that is not good. Its crap not cake. Imagine arguing that the $#%@ we live in today as Americans was worth it. All the vets whos lives were ruined let alone ended, all the homeless, all the crime, the poverty, the rape, everything you can imagine. 2:30:00 This is another issue with throught process. Using immorality aka adulterly and things like this so that American students feel they relate to Afghans is 100% gross. Sex is not bad, not taboo, as long as its between husband and wife, but saying no its okay to show immorality and promiscuity so that others understand you is pathetic and sad and it brings us back to the white mans burden. Its a false claim because from the other perspective the west is who needs to be civilized so using it as an argument justifies everything you claim to stand against.

    Islam is the solution to all world problems. If anyone has questions, please ask but dont be surprised that the propaganda youve been indoctrinated upon doesnt match.

  2. Failed to mention the fact that the negotiations that were done in Qatar were done after the Americans offered to hold a dialogue.. Americans negotiated a halt to the Taliban summer offensive in exchange for sharing of power because of the dialogues that were done in Qatar which saved countless American lives during the strategic withdrawal. Also before blaming Pakistan for backing them don't forget that Taliban had an active front open against Pakistan and had massacred thousands of Pakistani soldiers and innocent people.. including the attack on a school where they tortured and killed young children and teachers.

  3. “They don’t know what to do with women yelling at them”

    I think you are full of sh*t sir . This girl power based foreign policy lead to America losing in Afghanistan.

    Catch this L and move on

  4. The second we left they were back in power. And they were embraced with open arms. I don't think they'll have a problem holding it. I'm not sure what you think is going to happen. Getting yelled at by women isn't going to last when they start getting stoned to death.

  5. Is power really the best term describing what societal term exists controls Afghanistan? Stone Age Societal civilization seems more useful a term. The more brutal and backward the better.

  6. Don't underestimated Islam as ideology…they are more fanatical than comunism..islam are comunism with GOD….if kapitalist and comunism seek reward of their deed in this world…they believed in afterlife and worthy return GOD would given to them …

  7. they are supported by the majority of the afghans unless the americans wich was hated by the majority of the afghans thats why the usa lost in that country

  8. Saudi Arabia and other countries behead women and men as well but I never hear stories about them. I truly believe people would not surprise attack others if one did not have these giant high tech machines and advanced weaponry that can burn a city to the ground. I know some people who read this are gonna get mad and falsely accuse this post as non supportive to our military. IF SO ! STFU ! totally not the case !!! I am a man with the balls to ask questions and make my opinions. We are vitaminized , organisms with easy availability to better diet , air condition , medical aid , steroids , aircraft , advanced weapons, Apache helicopters, fighter jets , and the list goes on and on. How the fuck are people with out any of these weapons gonna just stand there ? LOL OF coarse !!! they are gonna surprise attack others who have these weapons they do not have. How do we get there ? Air craft ! How do we remain there ? high tech fucking weapons etc ! Shout out to all the nerds who make and design these crazy machines to keep us alive !!!! and protect us. Shout out to the pilots ! that have saved lives of hundreds of thousands of ground troops ! Shout out to the medics in the military ! Why a shout out to them ? because no one brings them up as often ! give these mfers credit ! I do !! Because I have the balls to admit the whole world would be different without all the aid we are fortunate to have. Just imagine if every advanced weapon would to disappear today ! the world will turn red my friends !!! Let us not get to cocky let"s be thankful !!! We are a country of machines. All world powers are machine countries with machines we are not meant for us to go to battle with. To late now ! we are dependent on this technology in war.

  9. This guest wants to talk fast but can't so he buffers what he wants to say then spits it out, tripping over poor inunciation before slowing to a mental crawl while formulating what words he wants to eject incoherently next. Like buddy, if you really want to sound intelligent figure out what you're going to say WHILE you're speaking, maybe you'd have time to if you actually pronounced the full syllables of words.

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