Can the world “unperson” non-compliant people? (from Livestream Q&A #101)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #101 (originally streamed live on October 23, 2021):


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In this 101st in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. They will 'obscure' this by taking down the grids (via whatever means) while at the same time, organizing several catastrophe/confusion events. At this juncture, we need hard-hitting talk.

  2. No the mandates cannot be stopped. They will continue as long as necessary to do that with the help of millions of useful idiots. Generations have been dumbed down to achieve this. It’s the beginning of the New World Order.

  3. I live in Greece and the new rules are, if you haven't had the jabs you can only goto doctors, chemists, food shops and a few other places. Ifyou have a negative rapid antigen test, less than 48hrsold, you can eat and drink outside. As we are approaching Winter those spaces won't be serviced until next spring. The bigger cities may have it a bit better but the island I live on isn't so sophisticated. Tge harder tgey push the lessinclined I am to comply. Ut all smelks of fear. Fear of de fundung if, presumably, the state. Terrorism at work.

  4. Truth: “Let your credo be this. Let the Lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me”. “We know they are lying. They know we know that they are lying. We know they know we know they are lying. And yet they keep lying”. Both quotes attributed to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Keep the faith!

  5. Us nurses are being screwed royally right now!!! Even though the OSHA mandate has been put on hold (for now) The CMS mandate is still in effect!!! The deadline is Jan 4th and many of us will be fired even though we HAVE immunity from surviving the virus after getting it from patients!!

  6. It finally came for me. January 1st I will lose my job if I don’t get vaxxed. I’ve been an excellent employee at this company for 10 years. The few unvaxxed at my company have faced this and chose to get vaxxed out of fear. This is a line I simply can’t cross.

  7. I am one of the Highly Vulnerables. I am scared if I have to go into hospital that those caring for me, i.e. doctors, nurses, might give me Covid, especially if they have not been vaccinated. Those of you who feel oppressed by the mandatory aspect of the vaccination, how can you reassure me that if you do not have the vaccination, you will not pass on the virus to me, the patient? Can you see this from the patient's point of view?

  8. I don’t see this as bleak, rather it’s all an opportunity as individuals and as a collective. There are always options, explore, stand in faith and in your truth, not in fear. They wants fear to take stoke within us to control us, this isn’t Disney Monster Inc where they drain energy from the fearful , unless we allow that to happen! I’m not agreeing to anything and I will not become their polar opposite, as it holds the same mirror. I’m saying NO and getting on with my life! This is a time for individuals to be creative, to function outside of reliance and to look to communities to aid their strength. I say, bring it on, our inner-world can handle this and much more, if only we knew. Cutback, regroup and look to what you love!

  9. Hello everyone, I appreciate your channel very much. In other similar videos (with the same theme) I see a lot of comments like "these kinds of mandate – vaccine – are very Communism-like, and the free Western world should not allow it". Well, I was born in a Communist country, the vaccines I received as a child and the overall health care were excellent (nowadays, the health care system is simply …). Anyway, what it seems to me is that these types of mandates may look like the system in former Communist countries, but it is nothing like it.

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