Can We Avoid Colds Forever? Should We?

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Professor

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  1. God made dirt and the dirt don’t hurt! Studies have shown that kids who grow up with pets have stronger immune systems….animals tend to be dirty…, things that make you go hmmm?

  2. Thank you thank you. I laughed out loud when you said there are people masking, not ventilating, avoid gatherings and double masking outside. You must have been to central Pennsylvania. My 37 year old coworker tested himself 6 times in 3 days when he got the sniffles. When will these people wake the hell up?

  3. Brilliant! Plenty of my physician colleagues are so arrogant and ignorant, they are living in this bubble. They truly believe that getting rid of a seasonal viral illness or reducing the incidence is a good thing. We need those infections to survive in this world, Period. It is like an immunological workout. Yes, seasonal flu causes deaths in high risk patients and elderly. We provide them some help with vaccination but they don’t prevent these deaths. You’ll fall for it some time down the line. That’s how we leave this world! These colleagues have forgotten the basic immunology/ viral taught in medical school since they are all now experts or specialists who become virtue signallers.

  4. Masking is the new virtue signal in a culture of virtue signalling. I have masked for seven years after a stem-cell transplant and immune suppression. Am I more virtuous then others? Nonsense.
    I will admit that it was some comfort when all were masked and I was no longer the weirdo. However, broken human nature seeks self-justification. Ignorance and arrogance are inextricably intertwined and one will produce the other. THAT is the true contagion.

  5. If we exercise, our immune systems must also exercise. I wonder if our increasingly sterile environment has lead our underused immune systems to turn against the self, producing autoimmune conditions. Notice that virtually all heavily hyped drugs are to combat autoimmune conditions.

  6. Haha! I made a parody song about crazy people wearing masks and being afraid forever called sniffles..I'm glad there are other people pointing out the social issue of paranoid people trying to avoid the common cold

  7. The rise of people who are so risk adverse and want all of society to hide from the world and stop living their lives… Meanwhile I never feel better diving into the garden and getting dirty or out hiking

  8. I'm not even gonna lie, I've been a germaphobe my whole life and I will admit, it's been a delight not to be looked at crazy when opening public doors or keying credit card pads with my sleeve and I 100% stand behind people wearing masks when they have symptoms of whatever the hell URI happens to exists (this is actually the cultural norm in countries like Japan). But…even I have to admit that a lot of people have taken it to ridiculous levels and I'm over it. They've managed to drive a certified germaphobe crazy. That's a sign a line has been crossed. 😂

  9. The way to train for a marathon is to sit on the couch for 10 years – avoid all physical exertion. After that you will be well prepared to run a marathon. The way to avoid dementia is to lock yourself in a room with painted white walls and nothing other than a bed – avoiding all mental stimulation. It goes without saying the way to get a really strong immune system is to avoid all people and to live in a sterile environment. We know this to be true because when Europeans went forth to colonize, the indigenous populations were never affected by the diseases the colonists bought – but the European colonists all fell dead on the way home.

    Drs shocked by the actual stats on vaccines! Halfway through they talk about head of the cdc, Rachel walensky, getting her information on the need for vaccines from cnn, and what she had listened to happened to be a Pfizer press release that CNN was reading. You can't make this stuff up!

  11. ***Without microbes and fungal infections, we dont survive. Without virus' mammals wouldn't exist.
    For anyone who enjoyed this video, I highly recommend a recent video with Dr. Zach Bush on Dr. Ranjan Chatterjee's channel.

  12. While I depend on your channel and others (like Dr. John Campbell's) for reliable information on COVID, and find myself agreeing with what I see as the salient thrust of your argument (that people, myself included, can become obsessed with their own perspectives to the exclusion of facts/insights we know nothing about, and inflict these perspectives on other people), I can't help but wonder, as I listen to you, how you, yourself, are living in a bubble that you fail to recognize. In my own community, for example, I often find that it is the more wealthy who are not wearing masks while people of color and front line workers of all ages are masked up; many who can't afford to get ill.

    Personally, I've decided to wear masks as a possible defense against illness only in specific scenarios: always on airplanes, for example, because, despite what I hear about onboard HEPA filtration, I've mostly experienced an increase in cold symptoms 1-2 days following a flight. Flying the last three years wearing a mask, including six times in the last three months, I've had no symptoms after flying, wearing a mask, as 2/3 of the passengers are unmasked — Why my results? I really don't know but I'll keep wearing that mask and monitor what happens because it sucks to get home after a flight and get sick. I am also wearing a mask in high density public arenas 3-4 weeks prior to going on vacation. Why? With hopes of reducing viral symptoms that negatively impact my vacation. Will it work? I don't know but I'll monitor the results. I don't wear the mask at my destination.

    I understand the need for humans to get sick through exposure to viruses to strengthen immunity. I'm not trying to eliminate illness, I'm looking for opportunities to increase pleasure. In my daily life, unless someone else is asking me to mask up, I don't.

  13. I've lost friends due to the masking frenzy. Its as if they would rather not use common sense, and not look closely at the mask studies, to make an informed decision. The only thing I can think of is that these individuals have been captured and absorbed by the body of belief that holds masking and distancing as supreme safe guards against many kinds of illness. I suppose these individuals do not trust their own immune systems against a cold or a flu. It boggles my mind.

  14. I don’t know how masking or not masking works. All I know is I only masked when and where it was mandated, and quit when mandates lifted, I never owned a bottle of hand sanitizer, I have been working in retail settings the entire pandemic, and haven’t gotten Covid or anything else (not that I know of anyways). I actually haven’t been sick in at least 4 years.

    I follow a low carb, animal based diet, I make sure to get lots of vitamin D, and exercise regularly. Maybe JUST MAYBE metabolic health has something to do with it.

  15. I kept masked 2 years free. went into hospital for a heart issue. 6 days later guess what. Yep i had CAUGHT COVID. 2 vaccinations. I wasnt sick i only knew as i had to have a test and it was required to be tested for covid. so stuck in the covid ward for 10 days. BELIEVE me the worse experience of my life. EVERYONE in there were triple vaccinated and some were really ill. Oh there was hardly any ventilation in the wards i kept opening the window, and the ward was unbelievably hot. I have lived all over the world, worked in communities, Had young grandchldren in all my life i got flu ONCE (grandson) and rarely get a cold. I never bothered to keep away from people. I think the reason why people are so anal over covid and yes scared is down to the scientists and DOCTORS, who in uk are still not really open.


    i DONT think my chldren i care for in Kenya havent had COVID. they still wear a mask, but are out most of the day or the windows wide open. I still open ALL my windows everyday. My mum taught me old air out new air in……………..

  16. We locked down/reduced social time and wore masks for close to a year, ZERO illness in our house of 7…..that follow year into this year we’ve made up for lost time 🥴 yeah being sick sucks but our immune system NEEDS practice if not IMO masking and isolation cause worse/more illness.

  17. I caught cold while in quarantine last year. I live alone and didn't have any visitors. Since it's evidently possible to catch cold even in isolation, heroic measures to avoid it don't make any sense.

  18. Nothing wrong with ventilating buildings better, though it does have an energy cost even with very good ERV equipment. Who cares about a cold, it's nice to have more oxygen available indoors, and less random offgas.

  19. i don't avoid colds..colds avoid me, same with flu..i get a cold around every 4-5 years lasts 3-4 days and i'm fine..last flu i had was, i may have had several colds and flus..they just don't seem to affect me..its weird, mozzies don't bite me either..only vaccine i ever had was smallpox in healthy as the proverbial, no masks, no jabs and no covid to date, never been tested, no reason too. all the best to all, be well. i'm 64.

  20. Amen!! How many healthcare workers are not working right now because we're TIRED and worn out? Morally injured….come spend years, decades even wearing a mask for your livelihood and then make a decision. Vinay, don't stop educating and keeping it real.

  21. We are animals. Animals get sick and eventually die. These people apparently can't cope with the fundamental nature of their own existence. That's a lot bigger problem than arrogance. It's full blown delusion.

  22. Recently attended a college football game. Our seats were high up in the nosebleed section in an outdoor stadium. A few people were next to me in kn95s and one wore a surgical mask. (Maybe they thought they were protecting us, one row up?) They double “high-fived” the random very drunk guy, who was unmasked, after a touch-down. Coincidentally, Osterholm was honored during the game down on the field. Now I would say, if you were afraid of germs, wouldn’t you rather skip the high-five at the crowded homecoming game in favor of leaving the mask at home? By the way, we still lost.

  23. I cannot imagine why children would suddenly be having liver failure as a complication from a common stomach bug. Couldn’t have anything to do with lack of immune interaction, and an abundance of stupidity. I don’t understand how we our society could live through a global pandemic, and still be completely naive about what provably does help, and what most definitely does not.

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