Can We REALLY Trust Vaccine Fact-Checkers??!

Are Facebook’s Fact Checkers reliable? A new report suggests they might not be as reliable as previously thought.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. If you are the kind of person that gets your information from Facebook, then there is no hope for you and your future generations sorry. The fact that these fact checkers are funded by J&J sounds a whole lot like doctors in the 50s who were paid by cigarette companies to promote that cigarettes were not harmful. Our media is censored to feed a narrative and fb is part of the clan.

  2. Well when you google all the fact checking companies doing it they are all funded by the gates foundation. Poynter institute funds politifact etc etc follow the money it all leads back to that Epstein buddy Bill Gates

  3. NO, NO, NO media is bought, who else besides facebook is benefiting from the suffering of the human race, disgusting wealth built on health needs by greedy vaccine distributors

  4. I wonder how many people would be banned from Facebook if they put a review on how crap the cotton buds made by Johnson and Johnston by changing from rigid plastic to bendy paper lmfao as it would be a fact as they are shit now

  5. The fact checkers are ALL wankers. They are tick box educated journalism students fact checking Nobel Prize Winning scientists, top physicians and of course statisticians who collate FACTS for a living!!! As I said, wankers.

  6. in germany free thinking and be open minded these days is called "querdenker" translated somewhat like across thinker and you are at this moment in the drawer of anti human and anti vaccine peoples also an anti believer and anti thruster in goverment and media. Some people try to influence us more open and more critical and behind asking ones with reasions like do you think all goverments all over the world are idiots ? why do you dont trust them easy ?

  7. Let me guess:

    if everyone vaccinated in the West suffers from cancers in the next decade, because the vaccine mRNA had entered the cell nuclei against all promises that it would never do that, then it's going to be my fault – mostly because I thought that sometimes a common cold could prevent infection due to a trained immune system…

    I know there's no relation between the two events, but it is the media that decides what is real.

    If there is going to be a war over the question of the origins of the virus, who would even remember what actually happened ?

  8. It makes sense the people called in to fact check would be the people who manufacture the vaccines. Surely, the creators could answer questions about their own creations. Certainly better than disinformation of FakeBook.

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