Can You Beat Your Spouse in China?

Domestic abuse is a serious issue in China. Is it socially accepted? Or is it a symptom of something bigger?

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Episode 33 – China Censors Call of Duty

Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

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  1. If you're at the point where you want to hit your wife I think it's safe to say that it's not worth to stay with her anymore, for your and her good.

  2. My original comment got shadowbanned so let's try this again. I might get a lot of downvotes for this but, does China have:
    F3m1n1sm (aka Communism with a skirt)
    Br1ff@ult's Law
    Duluth Model
    Al1m0ny (in some cases, lifetime)
    Child Support
    D1vorce gRape (where the woman can take more than half your stuff)
    Male C1rcumc1s10n (aka gen1t@l mut1lat10n)
    Aff1rm@t1ve Action Hiring (where unqualified women get the jobs at the expense of men)
    Common-law marriage (used to trap men into marriages who don't know WTF is going on)
    Meee_Too accusations
    Unequal sentencing for the same crime (in a lot of cases, the women don't get punished at all)
    Runaway Hyperg@my
    Destruction of the family unit

    Don't get me wrong, China sounds like a terrible place to live, but when it comes to relationships, the West is worse.

  3. The "ride bikes and chat mostly about topics not relevant to the title" format is really annoying. You got to the point earlier than usual this time. Other times, I just stop watching after waiting a while for you to get to the topic.

  4. Education you said …

    Re-education ccp calls it, One China Model.

    I'm glad you guys left China but why California!
    Your last video is tittle right or lefty…. I think you may be a lefty even know you have right values.

  5. Question if someone killed their spouse or other person on accident in a domestic dispute issue in China will anyone do anything? There has to be a line where someone or a least authorities will intervene.

  6. I stopped the video as automatically started at the first second. No matter other cultures; for me, beating women or children is absolutely an act of cowardice. End of story!

  7. After reading the title, I thought I bet the answer is yes because this is China, the country where they pretend to be first world but most of the country and culture is still 3rd world.. so tired of the stuck-up nationalists who are in denial.

  8. Hold on.
    So almost everywhere else in the world except the US and Western Europe you are allowed to beat your wife?
    Russia decriminalized domestic violence a couple years ago and their divorce rate dropped in half.
    How sure are we that we are right and they are all wrong?
    Wouldn't the SJW crowd say we are assuming cultural superiority or something?
    I'm asking for a friend.
    No, really, I am.

  9. Dam my ole lady used to beat me up and one time I gave her what she did to me exactly and asked her how she likes it-before the fight I asked her to stop , then I said ill do anything you want. That didnt work she just wanted to fight. By that time cops arrested me in my own house cuz her daughter called them. Dam my own house, they are my guests.But sence shes my girlfriend. Dah. Sayed to her see what you dohe now get me out as soon as you can gave her my wallet full of cash for bail 2??dollers and about 3-4 hours later back home and I said please let me sleep. Sleeped good tho

  10. I have been watching you guys for two and a half years and i have to say this is one of your funniest videos, and also visually entertaining. So many characters too. Thank you very much!