Can you catch COVID twice? (from Livestream Q&A #109)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #109 (originally streamed live on December 18, 2021):


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  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve had it twice. And the second time was after the first vaccine (the last one I took). The feeling was so peculiar, particularly the dryness and complete loss of smell in my nose. I do have quite a poor immune system, getting pneumonia in my mid 20s for example.

  2. I’m so tired of showing people this channel and feeling like I’m only adding another hater because it’s like I’m saying you’re wrong for having that vaccine running through your body when I’m NOT!
    It’s like any thing I say is automatically an attack because they react as if I’m attacking them personally for getting the vaccine.. im pro vaccine! It helps people! Without it the world would be in a very bad way. It’s like by default that they defend it tooth and nail because they have no choice, similarly like a man would defend his property. Same grit same animosity.
    Property is an extension of ones self, and some vaccinated folks treat it like they have no choice, it’s in them already. “How dare you question what’s inside me already” I understand. Who wants to hear counter arguments to the safety and correct administrative procedures involving this vaccine. Somebody help me formulate a tried and tested way to communicate Heather, bretts and most of this communities stance on things without appearing like an attacker. Please.
    You guys and also the comment section is the only place I can feel like I can received safe harbor.

    There is something fundamentally wrong about our society if this is the case.

  3. These power hungry politicians and medical bureaucrats don't care about the virus , they care about the fear it generates in the easily tricked and dim witted public. The fear enabled them to usurp power that was not available to them in any other situation. The simple fact is these a**hole elites are having the time of their sorry lives with all these new powers over their fellow citizens and are not willing to give up what has made them feel powerful and feared and even revered by our frightened and shallow thinking COVIDIOTS that make up so many of the population. I have lost all respect for most of those I once considered friends and even family. I will forgive but never forget their bad behavior towards me or my family for not knuckling under to government and public coercion. So many have shown their true colors and I believe this has done me a great service by showing me who really can be counted on when the chips are down. It separates those that are true friends from those that would throw you to the Lions for their own safety and public gain.

  4. My wife has a friend in Russia who caught it three times… could have been misreported by doctors? Or could be poor immune system? I suspect the latter, since it's pretty rare for that to happen.

  5. Yes you can in fact catch it twice. And the second time you get it is actually making your body way more prepared compared to the first time. I dont know why this is the case but its actually very good because it literally makes your body a lot healthier and more resilient. I hoped that covid or any other disease would be able to kill me but my body always said NO!

  6. I find the idea of super immunity to be very threatening to anyone with auto immune diseases. (Me) With a history of having a “confused” immune system that attacks healthy parts of the body, why would jacking up the immune system be appealing? Where is the advertising for 30% of the public who have this type of immune malfunctioning? We already have Superman in our body, and he’s killing us. It’s like medical sales people, (my term for Dr.’s) are immunity-aholics. The question in the mind of auto immune people is how do I get my immune system to stand down, not ramp up.

  7. 人々はワクチンを「良い」のそのような部分として見ています…あなたはそれを十分に得ることができません。 それはあなたがスーパーマリオであり、ワクチンが金貨であるようなものです。 あなたはそれらを可能な限り集め続け、常にそれについて満足しているべきです。 Ding ding dingding。

  8. Well, it’s important to clarify that there is NO vaccine that can prevent contraction of the virus. It’s not a bulletproof vest. But with natural immunity your system is likely strong enough to stop your symptoms early or before they start.
    So that second contraction may not feel like Covid, and it very well may be that you will never have symptoms of Covid ever again, but it’s always possible to contract.
    Or am I wrong there? I’d like a clarification of possible.
    A huge thanks to the Weinsteins for such a crucial podcast during this moment!

  9. My brother had very mild symptoms the first time with Delta. He recently just tested positive for Covid via a lateral flow / PCR test and was asymptomatic with the Omicron variant (Works in a gym so practically unavoidable). He also tested negative after 2 days so not really sure what that means. I have also had Delta and currently live with my girlfriend who's been positive for Omicron (first infection) since the 22nd December and I haven't been re-infected as of yet. We all haven't been vaccinated and are 24 – 30 years old.

  10. Had Covid and, what a miracle, I recovered in two weeks. Had a false positive two weeks ago and had to spend another 200$ doing three more tests to prove I was truly negative. Then, just got uninvited from a family reunion because they only allow vaccinated, despite providing research evidence that the vaccines do not stop transmission, my natural immunity is better than these prototype ‘vaccines’ and offering frequent rapid tests. The real virus is the one showing just how ignorant and arrogant our society is.

  11. There’s people who follow every precaution, get vaccinated and still get it. Then there’s people who has been exposed multiple times, unvaccinated and never caught it. And to tell me that you will be completely safe by vaccinating is ludicrous because from the very beginning it was a small percentage caught the shit, even smaller amount were hospitalized and a tiny amount passed away before vaccines were ever formulate. I’m happy you two are here to put a “bullshit” label on all this bullshit.

  12. Everyone who has a real medical education knows enough about basic biology, immunology, virology and epidemiology to understand that a person who mounts a healthy immune response to an infectious respiratory virus is protected from reinfection by said pathogen until death or until the immune system is severely degraded by natural wear and tear over the passage of time (multiple decades at a minimum!), whichever comes first.

  13. The tinfoil hat I wear is quite thick and when I am offered a myopic approach to a complex problem, the warning bells sound. What is the true agenda with wanting to vaccinate everyone, including children and those that have been infected and won immunity? PROFIT. How many times do we hear, "Take the free jab, it is safe."? The jab is not free, take a look at the stock market and the performance of big pharma while providing the "free" jab. Clinical trials are three to five years in the making. EUA, does not require the same level of trials. Since 25% of every medication brought to market has shown unknown side effects, after the fact, and have been flagged for those shortcomings, why are we so ready to trust the "science" that has not been done on these vaccines?

  14. The common cold is sometimes caused by a coronavirus so I suppose it’s reasonable to expect that someone can be infected with Covid more than once but so what?
    If you have decent T cell based immunity you’ll get a mild disease with a few symptoms, that’s how life works.
    This whole “vaccines for everyone” nonsense is about money and control nothing else.

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