Canada TARGETS Trucker Protest Leader In POLITICAL Prosecution?: Kim Iversen

Kim Iversen makes the case that the arrest of Freedom Convoy leader Tamara Lich is political.

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  1. The speed at which we move into totalitarian states is mind-blowing. My family who only watches mainstream media calls me a "Conspiracy theorist" for bringing up the danger of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUMS "Young Global leaders" program and how Klaus Schwab brags about "penetrating" every government in the world. How effective is this "Conspiracy theorist" labelling to deter people from having independent thoughts, common sense and critical thinking?

  2. Canadians still think they have a real media, that it's not fake like in the US, but while it's more recent here, it's fake/pure propaganda now & the people just refuse to see what is right in front of their eyes. Some crazy Yankee goes on a mass shooting spree & somehow Canadians loose their gun rights. We are living in a totalitarian state…the rulers can seize all funds & property of citizens at their whim now, and see above, can lock us up on trumped up charges JUST like the USA has done since 2002.

  3. The Truck Convey was inconvenience for the local but I don’t believe there was violence. Stupidly, the government enforced vaccine mandate on the truck drivers but lifted mandate for everyone after 10 days later.

  4. Canada Day is July1. Many peaceful protests are planned in Ottawa again. Tamara will be transferred around that time. This is a flagrant attempt to hope this incites violence at 5he protests…

  5. Politicians seem to be immune to arrest if they do something under the guise of politics. So Kim just needs to run for a new party and get elected. Once that happens, she will be free to speak her mind without fear of being locked up for doing this as a concerned citizen. If the governments of today dont clean up their acts and do the right things morally, then we the people will become the governments of tomorrow and ensure it does happen!

  6. I feel ashamed of Castro Jr. destroying my beautiful country. I feel no pride in saying I’m Canadian because of everything the Liberals are doing. We need something to change fast, or I fear we are really gonna go communist soon. I should just become a US citizen at this point! Any American guys wanna marry me? I’ll even learn how to shoot a gun 😂😂

  7. Where you wrong in your assessment, Navalnyi is foreign agent, it’s been proven, he received BittCoins on his account from foreign services, you have to do your job better.

  8. I always say that all these lockdowns are not about a virus rather taking away our God given liberty why nobody has a right to take. Everyone wearing masks and taking the poisonous jabs are encouraging tyranny. Lockdowns are for prisoners and not for law abiding citizens. Trudeau and Liberals must go. Trudeau should be ashamed of himself.

  9. As a Canadian I’m ashamed. Clearly this is a political prosecution. I believe the higher courts will deal with this well and embarrass the government for this – as it has done in the past.

  10. Jamaica blessings. Hello my beautiful Kim. Congratulations on getting married although I am jealous and envied that guy. I'm not surprised at what American and Canadian government are doing now, eroding freedom of everything.Why? Black people from my African ancestors until now have been experiencing this, it's only surprising to Caucasians because it starts happening to them. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL KIM. ENVY YOUR HUSBAND.

  11. English speaking Latin American here, this is exactly the same as the Colombian government deals with social leaders or environmentalists… obviously the Canadian government has not yet resorted to killing civilians or state terrorism, but they are not far off either. Canadians have 2 options, pretend this never happened or fight for change.

  12. Trudeau is VERY inclined to over step legal limits when he goes after anyone who DARES question or disagree. A reporter for Rebel Media was, with absolutely no provocation, physically assaulted by several of trudeau's security staff. Pushed around, roughed up, his face slammed into a wooden plywood fence. In spite of video evidence, the alleged Canadian news media wouldn't touch it except to mock the reporter. No repercussions for the thugs, or the thuggish PM.

  13. The protest was necessary, the protesters could be seen eating and drinking without masks for however long there were in Ottawa, with Covid not an issue… thank you Tamara Lich for the sensible sacrifices, to uplift the masses and shut down inaccurate stories.

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