Canada’s Trucker Protest: A fair and objective analysis

The Ottawa trucker protest captured the world’s attention in February of 2022. Here is my attempt at a fair and honest summary.



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Written by J.J. McCullough


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  1. The point about authoritarianism with respect to protesting is rather interesting, i don't know if I would go as far as to saw the majority of Canadians are against all protests but more so protests from the opposite end of the political spectrum. I have a lot of more Liberal family/friends and it's been interesting to see the difference from 2020 with the BLM any move by the police to stop the protests was interpreted as an overreach. As opposed to now where, in a hyperbolic sense, they would sooner see almost every conservative lined up and shot then see another trucker rally. I suspect part of the reason the polls show such a strong resentment towards protests is because a conservative may think of a far-left protest when answering the question and a liberal may think of an alt-right protest when answering the same question similar to how Canadians historically vote PM's out not in. Just my two cents on it

  2. I'd say the truckers had given many Canadians a sense of hope. There was no real opposition to the continued and further reaching mandates. In contrast to JJ stating that these mandates were on the way out, I would argue that sentiment, given the increased mandates in Quebec's attempts to fine the unvaccintaed, BC's health care professional being extended to veterinarians and message therapists, and of course the boarder crossing for transport drivers to name a few. Unfortunately, only one of these mandates has flipped, boot the truckers had successfully exposed how large the opposition to the Covid restrictions really was.

  3. how about addressing the racial demographics of the convoy? Especically now that theres a copycat version in the US and like canadas absolutely no blacks can be seen.

  4. Promised a fair and objective analysis… parroted lefty talking points. I have no idea who this guy is but I should’ve listened to my intuition and stopped watching when he said he works for the Washington Post.

  5. Your attitude is ever so blase and arrogant to me. Being forced to take any medical treatment that you do not feel safe about…. is immoral and illegal….If Trudeau had met with the leaders of the truckers instead of running away and hiding, then showing up in parliament and still denying any kind of discourse with the truckers, things would have gone a lot smoother imo. Trudeau was pathetic and hopefully Canada will have a better leader in their next election.

  6. The truckers exposed the real problem in Canada, a totally failed health care system.
    The socialists could not stand for anyone to know the government is totally incapable of treating all the people.

  7. Do you only watch main stream media? Because your commentary is far from factual. I suppose you thought it was OK that RCMP ran through the crowd with their horses knocking down an old lady with her walker.

  8. The strong endorsement of mandates that were repeatedly demonstrated not to be effective, and then doubling down on the same ineffective measures demonstrated how inefficient the government response was at slowing the spread of transmission, and failed to address the harms caused by focussing so narrowly on one issue. As a now former NDP / Liberal voter, I hope that the independent who receives my vote gains a seat. A pipe dream, to be sure, but so was trusting the system to at the very least acknowledge potential harms of policy decisions during this crisis.

  9. 1, screw the guy who called that behavior "American." We only act like that on Black Friday, and when the Quarterback drops the pig skin prolate spheroid. And 2, hehe butts.

  10. The right was fear mongering the Emergencies Act so that they could destabilize the Liberals and NDP. I laughed when they said Jack Layton wouldn't approve. His son even said he likely would be for it as the protesters are going too far. Nobody law-abiding was getting targeted but out the CPC was making everyone think it was some Marshall Law era where anything can happen to anyone. There was no need to enable people like this just to sow distrust in the other parties. It was disgusting and reminded me of the Republican party the last 6 years. All about the agenda.

  11. "fair and objective" A lot of vital information is left out, not a word on how Trudeau froze bank accounts for example. Imagine you donating to a cause you believe in even if it is a dumb one. the next day the government says; "We have new rules today and you broke them yesterday, fuck you."

  12. From how this has been described, it does feel very unfair that Erin O'Toole lost his job over this. If Canadian politics is anything like the rest of the west, I suspect the Conservatives will replace him with someone further from the centre and ruin their own chances of winning the next election, just because they memed themselves into believing that a handful of loud cranks are popular and morally right.

  13. It's clear to see where your political ideals are. Liberal voters try to paint everyone as a villain when they have opposing views.

    It's amazing to me how people can even remotely support Trudeau, or even think what he has done is even remotely acceptable. Yet, here we are, listening to a guy claim false statistics that the overwhelming majority of Canadians want what happened. Polling liberal people or small groups? Of course. Maybe get off the internet for a day and go see one of us blue collar workers. You know, the people that made Canada? I assure you, the majority are VERY much opposed to Trudeau and his wannabe-dictator actions.

  14. I don’t think it changed canada at all. The same ppl who never likes Trudeau are the same that came….not about democracy….it was about them resenting democracy voted in ppl they didn’t like.

  15. These protests should embolden cities and municipalities across America to pedestrianise city centres and create walkable and bikable urban centres. It simply cannot be that small collectives have so much power just because of the size of their machines. Banning such vehicles from city centres could also be considered and it would be beneficial for basically everyone.

  16. In my opinion, that mandate that required all truckers to be fully vaccinated in order to cross the border was the most ridiculous mandate we’ve had to live with. So I believe the protests were in great and just faith. Great job guys. 🇨🇦 We are Canadians. We will not stand for oppression.


  17. Great unbiased video. Only thing I would have liked to see was at least some mention of the violence against the protesters (the old lady being run over by a horse as an example) and the financial attacks of the government ( freezing bank accounts and seizing donated money). It is scary to see the government freezing assets because someone holds a different opinion, the damage to free speech in Canada cannot be understated.

  18. I usually like this guy's analysis, but he missed some key elements of the Emergency Act, most notably freezing the personal and business bank accounts of anybody who donated to the convoy. I think it was less political than this guy's take. It wasn't a right-wing movement just because conservative politicians jumped at the opportunity to criticize the liberals. I am a full vaccinated Canadian that leans center liberal, that is against vaccine mandates. The government severely over-reached their power, especially because protests across the country were far more violent and destructive (churches being burned ect) for different causes

    All in all it seems like this guy isn't as objective as I thought. Unsubscribing. Good day to you sir

  19. This is neither a fair, nor objective analysis. When making videos like this, it would be great if you could run it by close friends who are on both ends of the political spectrum, so you can meet somewhere in the middle. This video was left leaning.

  20. How Trudeau has even one supporter blows my mind. If people can't recognize tyranny by now, we're all screwed. Oh and by the way, your mocking is way too revealing. Not cool.

  21. As someone who worked downtown during the convoy and having family that works downtown after the first Sunday it lost complete momentum. These people showed their true colours , showing Nazi flags, MAGA attire and flags. The most funny part is they were crying about police brutality but compared to actual police brutality. It was also astroturfed by Americans and this further enforces JJ's thesis of Canadians wanted to be Americans secretly. Especially having family that works/live downtown as well as myself it was a nightmare

  22. JJ I'm often critical of your content my background being growing up in in a different part of Canada, but I always appreciate your takes especially in the last few years as our public's ideas of what government means shifts. I can't wait to read the Royal Inquiry on this and any additional investigations, I think there was a lot of information that simply wasn't told to the public and I hope we get to find out what.

  23. Russian influenced to create a distraction and chaos while invading another democratic nation these people bought propaganda from the Russians using B.S. as an excuse to damage our democracy. Russian financing their bull. 2 year olds that won't accept no.

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