Canadian charity ‘The Democracy Fund’ takes on legal battle of unvaccinated B.C. pediatrician

FULL REPORT by Drea Humphrey:
Rebel News’ Drea Humphrey spoke with Dr. Chris McCollister to discuss how health authorities are attempting to take away his privileges as a doctor for not kowtowing to their strict COVID-19 measures.

00:00 Start
00:27 Introduction with Drea Humphrey
04:52 Dr. Chris McCollister joins Drea
08:14 Dr. McCollister discusses increase in psychiatric conditions during lockdowns
10:50 What consequences is Dr. McCollister facing up against?
16:22 Have colleagues reached out in support?

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  1. The Trudeau/provincial governments are systematically getting rid of health care workers which, in my opinion is because they want to lower the health care costs and in the meantime institute a communist style health care system and patients will in the future deal only with tele health health carers. This will result in patients dying because they will not receive proper care because they will not be dealing with a doctor who is familiar with the record of health of said patient. This also will force patients to see a nurse practioners who will not be on a level of knowledge as doctors and cheaper for health care costs. This is what the government under Trudeau is doing to Canadians as well as devastating our rights and demoncracy of freedoms. Welcome to Chinada!!!!

  2. All these corrupt politicians and corrupt so called health officials propped up by the mockingbird propaganda lying media need to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity treason and sedition. Here in Canada America and worldwide. Military tribunals

  3. Politicians are like buses , there will be another one coming along in 20 minutes , doctors on the other hand are essential to the health of the population, if politicians stopped showing up for work tomorrow no one would notice for at least a month or two .

  4. BC public health policy has almost nothing to do with health & much to do with control. Why would the Chief Medical Officer mandate a medical treatment for healthcare workers that does not prevent infection, does not prevent illness, does not prevent transmission & does not prevent hospitalization? Nuremberg Trials 2. 0 – COVID Crimes Against Humanity.

  5. Bonnie sure sounds like a sweet woman doesn't she. She doesn't sound anything at all like the TYRANT that she is. I am seriously thinking that these are just demons in skin suits at this point. Big hug to the doctor……..betrayal hurts more than anything. You're not alone. We do care.

  6. How can the Covid drug be called a Vaccine..? Has not met that threshold of 'vaccine' status. I DO NOT trust them, for one…
    It's a drug and NOT a vaccine.
    Medical madness like Mengele ..
    Just say NO to Drugs… remember that meaningless statement?
    Seems like its been dropped…

  7. LOL Yeah force them to take a vaccine THAT DOESNT STOP THE SPREAD of it real smart lmao I support vaccinations but theres no logicall reason for theses WHEN THEY DONT FREAKING REDUCE THE DAMN SPREAD we need education to teach our children to be able to spot out bs like this because obviously its just a freakin polical move. Hell if the vaccine makes u not have symptoms guess what now ur gonna be spreading it with out even realizing it. Vaccines ONLY reduce the stress on our healthcare system which btw was stressed out by older people & people with health conditions. For real, the actual protest should be to reform the systems in our government so these garbage politicians stop radicalizing people to win elections.

  8. What is happening in BC at the hands of these unelected, ignorant officials is absolute tyranny – superstitious, bigoted tyranny. This is totally unacceptable and must stop. Canadians need to wake up and turn away from cowardice to make a difference and right these wrongs. Many people are speaking up, but the silent majority are allowing our country to go down this terrible path. Thank you Drea and Dr. McCollister for fighting the good fight.

  9. This has all been planned this bio medical police state. People need to see that the people are under attack by these evil order takers who sold out to the pharmaceutical cartel. This is just absolutely disgusting. This is not about health or care for people. To put a doctor in jail for going to the hospital because he didn't put an untested longterm vaccine in his body is being punished for not going along this demonic new system. And putting pastors in jail for gathering with their church. Sounds like Satanism to me.

  10. Its rather pathetic that Bonnie Henry keeps saying "immunized" she seems to be out of date, this jab that everyone was pressured to take does not make anyone immune, well except pharma!

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