Canadian Doctors Dropping Dead But What Do The Fact Checkers Say? – Viva Clips

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  1. "Six doctors have passed away in the Greater Toronto Area within the last two weeks.
    Two died from terminal cancer, one was seriously ill, and another's details are not yet known.
    Two died suddenly and were healthy individuals.
    Social media and some media sources are leaving out key details surrounding this story."

    Even two healthy doctors suddenly passing away is strange asf, and uncommon. And well worth looking in to!

  2. It's called randomness. Let's say you throw a tray of 500 marbles straight up into the air. Then you have a look at the way they are dispersed where they land. There will always be spots where three or four marbles land close together, maybe a few are even touching. It's still random. What would you say if someone looked at a group of three marbles that landed close together and decided that there had to be some greater, deeper meaning to the positioning of those specific marbles, that some nefarious force CAUSED those three marbles to land close to each other? I would say that person is a little bit loopy, especially if he then demanded that others provide explanations to disprove the "greater, deeper meaning" that he invented.

  3. The reason there is no correlation between the vax and the deaths because of the way Canada counts these things. Up to 14 days after the shot any death or illness is counted as COVID in the unvaccinated. If something happens greater than 28 days after the last jab it is counted as unrelated. So basically there is a single two week window when you can have an adverse vaccine reaction in Canada.

  4. Don't forget how the carcinogen levels of these twice redefined "vaccines" were not properly researched and haven't been found to be within the safe boundaries required to even be brought to market and used in wholesale consumption, meaning they are likely causing the public to suffer a higher risk of cancer from simply taking these jabs. The earliest data that was reported by the medical industry was clearly fraudulent and born of conspiracy and on purpose, all to receive maximum profit gains due to the utter failure on how our government handled this epidemic with promise of grants and funding per patient suffering from said virus, without requesting the appropriate evidence showing a scientific method of accurate testing to receive these grants in return. As government grants were given to the hospitals per patient with the virus, the hospitals just reported literally all patients having the virus to cheat the system to maximize on their profit margins because nobody could actually prove whether or not they were lying due to the systems used for testing. And this theft of the taxpayers became so fraudulent that the industries abusive greed caused a massive panic within society due to the falsely inflated statistics declared by hospitals, and anarchy ensued.

    Because of this failure in leadership to hold the medical field accountable, paired with the unmitigated greed of the medical industry, the reported claims literally caused everyone who sought out aid from hospitals to almost all be declared positive with the virus, for these hospitals to cheat the system created in order to defend society against this epidemic outright. Everyone and anyone seeking out treatment for literally anything but the virus, they quickly found that they were positive with the virus, causing mass hysteria and panic within society over this virus as these hospitals made maximum profit off their egregious fraud. The beginning of this epidemic became a fake reality television series just like the fraudulent J6 "Paranoia Commission," and New York went as far as funneling their dead bodies in their morgue to parade in front of the public, donning full chemical suits to haul out these bodies and put them into cold storage vehicles parked on the streets, all to exploit the epidemic and further instill panic within society so they could continue leeching off the taxpayers.

    The unprecedented greed of these hospitals board members caused a virus that had a 99.998% survival rate to become the very public enemy of the time and lockdowns became necessary due to the lies the medical industry pandered to the public for profit, and panic sessions of collectivists not paying attention to what was happening began, people dismissing common sense, reason and logic all together, fear consumed society as the medical industries unmitigated greed changed the very understanding of this virus into something it was not. Someone hit by a vehicle seeking medical care would be listed as suffering from the virus, someone with a brain tumor seeking surgery would be declared positive, anyone and everyone who went to these hospitals were quickly found positive with the virus in order for these hospitals to garner these grants the government were recklessly handing out without proper identification of these patients having the actual virus. This fraud caused a drastic perversion of the statistics regarding the virus all together that completely destroyed our understanding of this virus, the Corporate Media losing their minds stoking paranoia and hysteria alike within society, because the medical industries boards of directors were making windfalls of free money for abusing their positions of power and demanding literally all patients be tested, all patients being found positive with the virus, all to cheat the very systems set up in order to protect society from this virus and these frauds still have not been held liable. Clown World!!

    Literal entire wings of hospitals were made quarantine locations for the virus due to the manufactured propaganda, and the funds used were leeched off the taxpayers to cover these expenses. Only to find that these wings were usually empty even though the data being reported suggested all going to hospitals were sick with this virus, refuting any and all notion of other complications, illness and sickness found throughout society, each and every death rate for things like cancer, illness, old age, etc. all dropped by massive percentages during the beginning of this epidemic because all death from all illness became "covid related." Madness!!! New York demanding more respirators to make the Trump Administration look incompetent, to only be called out for having an entire warehouse of respirators locked up and not used, for Trump to send a medical naval ship to dock in New York to aid in this epidemic and New York went silent quick. Don't forget Cuomo and Whitmer's blatant criminal murder of the elderly too, actual sick patients with this virus sent to elderly homes, where these people abused the elderly and then infected the elderly with the virus, these governors' actions led to the murder of tens of thousands of senior citizens who were most vulnerable at the time!! Class action lawsuits should have already begun regarding this targeted murder!!

    And even if the carcinogen levels of these jabs are found to be a health risk to the public, they'll likely just censor/classify that problem and silently "redefine" these jabs again to claim otherwise and it will be done under false pretenses since there is no viable way to hold these bad faith actors accountable for the criminal application of these jabs that are more likely manufactured regarding maximum profit over the health and safety of the public, which might just be declared cruel and unusual punishment upon humanity if there is any shred of accountability to be found today. The largest wealth transfers this world has ever witnessed happened regarding these twice redefined "vaccines," the origins of the virus remain an unknown factor as anybody who dares investigate the origins like all previous epidemics conducted are immediately threatened with war by China, this massive fraud will reverberate throughout history as one of the largest crimes the world ever witnessed.

  5. This epidemic is unprecedented and clearly handled in an unethical manner for maximum profit of the few, it defies almost all these medical professionals' oaths of office to do no harm in their pursuit of profiting off an alleged epidemic that had one of the lowest death rates of all the recent epidemics the world has suffered through over the past few years, instead hysteria took the wheel and led the charge down a reckless path, devastating our economy and destroying the value of our currency due to the unmitigated greed of the medical industry paired with the hysteria the Corporate Media pushed as if we were suffering from the Black Plague during the Dark Age era. Yes, there is a cure for the Black Plague now, but back then they had reason to fear this viral spread, unlike modern society which took a highly survivable virus and treated it no differently!! Fauci and the NHS aided in this mass hysteria by riding the wave of emotional reactionary panic that the medical industry manufactured fraudulently, driving division, panic and fear as Fauci made the virus into something it was not and profiting off the special interests who wanted this to become an endless slog through pseudo-science and unethical medical practices for maximum profit shares for the few in positions to deceive the public. Psaki worked as the government agitprop head for less than two years at a wage of just less than 200k a year, yet somehow walked away with tens of millions of dollars, late night comedy shows all funded by Big Pharma to demand compliance, most Corporate Media were sponsored by Big Pharma to sow fear and hysteria, influencers paid to push the twice redefined "vaccines," this epidemic was "subverted" in order to sow division and discord, pervert the truth and propaganda was adopted in order to destroy our nation from within, this is medical tyranny!!

    Trump pointed to the best possible therapeutic early on in this epidemic and the hysteria that drove society into madness won in the end. Mainly because of Fauci and his immediate dismissal of Ivermectin, and just like that the best therapeutic option was taken off the table because of the lies Fauci espoused to the public, paired with the incessant need for Liberals to denounce Trump which caused people refuse listening to reason, logic and common sense. Trump pointed to Ivermectin which was used by Uttar Pradesh province in India from the start of the epidemic, mainly because they couldn't afford the oppressive demands Big Pharma made towards the world for their alleged cure-all twice redefined "vaccine," and instead of using the jabs Big Pharma pushed, India was found to have the highest level of recovery rates and lowest rates of death to this virus because they used Ivermectin as a prophylactic, and it worked far better than Big Pharma's product for mass consumption!! America using Ivermectin would mean these bad faith actors would lose out on this maximum profit haul they'd receive, so they called it "horse paste" and "conspiracy theory" and lied through their teeth to refute the public from daring to use Ivermectin, the best choice in combatting this epidemic proven to be true by India. To this day, Ivermectin works far better than the twice redefined "vaccines," and Big Pharma can no longer refute this fact!!

    To this very day, the carcinogen levels of these twice redefined "vaccines" remain unvetted if not purposefully ignored by Big Pharma, just as many of the standard tests required to vet such medicines were tests that were either ignored, the group testing stopped mid trials or the studies were just memory holed in order to bring this twice redefined "vaccine" to market immediately to capitalize on maximum profit over all else, regardless if it were harmful to the public or not. To the detriment of being found safe and/or effective, Big Pharma paid no mind, and the slap on the wrist would be nothing in comparison to how much profit they'd make by cheating the public and blatantly committing fraud. This is why Nuremberg Type Trials should have already begun, these people in power need to be investigated and likely prosecuted, the many influencers, actors, shills and pundits in Corporate Media and hosts in late night comedy shows need to be served!! High carcinogen levels create a higher risk of cancer, period. How this issue remains an unknown with the twice redefine "vaccine" should concern everybody, if the jabs are found with high carcinogen levels, Nuremberg Type Trials must begin immediately, even though there is ample evidence to begin such trails already because of the flagrant disregard to healt and safety, these twice redefined "vaccines" are blatantly unethical.

    This government mandated product for mass human consumption defies how many drugs are pulled from the shelves due to their carcinogen rates and how these government mandated products for mass human consumption just skipped these specific steps due to alleged necessity, that necessity born from unwarranted hysteria caused by the medical fields flagrant greed and their malpractice for wholesale profit by lying about the statistics from the jump. The medical industries data should simply be available to the public to research, at the direct result of secondary negative complications to the public's health and safety due to the jabs being forced upon society by medical tyranny, Obama all but admitted this decision made society the lab mice for Big Pharma as far too many steps were skipped and the epidemic was fraudulent because of the medical industries abhorrent greed, and now we find out the jabs are next to useless in combatting the specific strain it was created to combat, how it's completely useless against variants which the public is mostly suffering from now as the original strain is less an issue society is enduring. There was a drug that was quite effective in getting people to quit smoking, Chantix or something, they just recently pulled that medication due to its high carcinogen rates and its recall remains hidden from public disclosure, just like how the twice redefined "vaccine" will likely be "revised" and "altered" without anyone being made aware if its carcinogen levels being too high, if there are any complications with the jabs, they will just change it without notifying the public which is medical tyranny.

  6. This year the DOH reported the biggest threat to America is malinformation. Malinformation is the made up word that means information that is true, yet damaging to the mainstream narrative.

    Keep that in mind. The biggest threat to America is factual information.

  7. Maybe it was the solar flares..
    Did they sleep too much or not enough????
    Did they eat too much or not enough???
    Were they cutting grass during the summer saltice of a blue moon while whisling?????
    Can't say for sure….

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