Canadian Government Wants to Know What You’ve Been Saying about Covid 19 Vaccines

Justin Trudeau’s Government of Canada want’s to know what you’ve been saying on social media about vaccines and how it relates to how effective PHAC has been at making you feel and think a certain way.

The Contract:

Dr. John Campbell’s video:

Palminder Singh’s tweet:

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  1. Well keep an eye out for my name in the Ontario media for getting arrested because I've been pretty aggressively against the vaccination the vaccine passports and the lockdowns as a whole. I curse a lot say a lot of gay slurs and am not very nice with my commentary I don't like the p** foot around

  2. Is this kind of garbage science we have to deal with now? The researchers that did this 💩should be fired! Our trust in institutions is zero, now! Question everything, trust no one. 🤑🤑🤑Why are we still in emergency orders, after 3 years with a virus that has 99.9% recovery rate? WHY?🤑🤑🤑

  3. Pretty much the whole country doesn't want there poisoning in them. And fact checkers… jabed people are dropping all over the place. Documented. So stop the lieing! You actually have a "media reeducation camp". We know what that is. 100%

  4. I recall when me and the wife were signed up for a vax jab. Then Trudeau made a speech about mandates. I turned to my wife and said "something is wrong". I cancelled these jabs, because my human instinct told me so. I've had many jabs over the years travelling the world. This one still doesn't sit right. To many good doctors and health officials have been silenced, no such thing as an open dialogue anymore.

  5. we may have a laugh about this now and how ridiculous Trudeau is being wit taxpayer money and funding but….maybe what he is aiming for is a way to accuse, once again, innocent people of being a Russia supporter so he can go after that persons house and assets….

    i went to that example because that seems to be his latest weapon that he is bragging about…being able to take what is yours because of something that isn't proven to be true. Come on! he did it to the truckers during the freedom protest.

    I wouldn't be surprised that these are the very items that he kept alive from the Emergencies Act, even though he stopped using it but not before he was able to take what he needed from it….which is most likely the reason for invoking it in the first place.

  6. Ironic. On one hand they get info from open source social media sites (i.e. freedom convoy) but then want to silence us by censoring all our comments. Does anything this gov’t does make sense…

  7. Reality always has the last word, in fact it is always speaking. That is why corrupt governments must work very very hard to promote their gas lit narrative. If the government actually had the correct covid methods and covid drugs they would not need to defend their 'science' still, after 2 plus years. But it's not about medical science but rather political science.

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