Cancel culture backfires as thousands of students sign up for professor’s lecture

University of Chicago student Audrey Unverferth says she is set to attend Dorian Abbott’s rescheduled lecture at Princeton after it was cancelled at MIT.

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  1. Imagine what we could do of we discuss and solve real issues at hand such as energy, inflation, A.I, infrastructure, weather events instead of identity politics, cancel culture, fake white supremacy and racism, injecting people who dont want it and taxpayer funded abortion

  2. It’s funny but the people that gave this a thumbs down are obvious part of the cancel culture as well. If you’re not qualified you don’t get the position, Sounds reasonable to me.

  3. I think the problem is you have a generation that on both sides have no experience with what it's actually like to be disenfranchised. It's easy to say we don't need affirmative action when you never lived in a time where the only reason you were excluded was because of your race or gender. When institutions weren't forced to allow people of color or women to be included on their college campuses they deliberately discriminated and college campuses were predominantly white male common sense would tell anyone this was not all just coincidence across the nation. It's because of affirmative action that college campuses are so diverse today. The question is do we still need affirmative action? Well if we get rid of it and college campuses return to being predominantly white male then I guess we'll find out otherwise maybe times have changed enough so that we don't….I hope that is true. I do not believe that this college professor is racist. I believe that he believes affirmative action is unjust and unfair….but then again he is a white male. Also and more importantly it doesn't matter what he believes he has the right to believe it and to say it and to speak on it we can't just go around telling people that they're not allowed to have a difference of opinion. That is dangerous

  4. So what about the people who have merit and no opportunity. Those scholarships are meant for those people not people just searching for opportunities due to color their skin. Ignoring the fact that some people are more privileged than others is counterproductive if they are really interested in being judged solely on merit. If everything was fair no one would get special treatment and there would be no need for special or race specific scholarships.

  5. Have none of you ever heard of redress? It’s not about cancelling. Redress is necessary until more of the factors leading to the current imbalance of opportunity, right from the early part of a POC person’s life, is addressed and corrected. You all seem to be ignoring this in your scramble to stay on top.

  6. Cancel culture doesn't exist, Republicans just don't like to be held responsible for their actions flat out, You just don't want us to get rid of racism and homophobia or your channel wouldn't exist. Tell me again your feelings on Marilyn Manson or literally anyone who doesn't agree with you. Keep arguing with plastic potatoes you dipshits

  7. People who think that there's a reason why people should be evaluated by different scales because of ethnicity really need to be educated in labeling theory. They'll truly be "woke" once they understand just how damaging it is to make a young person believe that they are less able to rise above any factors which may be playing against them than they really are. Perception is incredibly powerful, and it's disturbing as hell that, more and more these days, people are being told what they should be seeing rather than encouraged to use their own senses to understand what's going on in the world.

  8. Its very weird to see people who WANT to be judged based on their skin color…. I guess it all really does come full circle after all. This is such a simple idea and the fact that he was “cancelled” for it is laughable and pathetic.

  9. MIT the brightest college in our country canceled the debate because of the controversy.
    Maybe that man is wrong? Why? Well let’s see Princeton students pummel him when he has a his free speech.
    The easy answer is oh that sounds right, let’s just base it on merit. But it’s more complicated than that. However, you can escape your ignorance with education. Educate yourselves because the comment section looks very uneducated.

  10. MLK Jr and other civil rights activists must be turning in their graves. They fought for people to be judged on merit and content of their character. And now here we are judging people by color of their skin.

  11. How does this “merit” include students that do poorly in high school not because they’re bad students but because they’re a victim of their environment? There have been rigorous studies made on how wealth and stability can create “merit”. This is a “only the educated can continue to have opportunity”. Very similar to old times. As a professor he should know that when a student is exposed to a very stressful situation “as a kid” he or she will have a hard time focusing in school, not because of iq or lack of hard work but because of social economic and psychological distress. Oh by the way this “cancel culture” is what made your precious Protestant Christianity. Martin Luther was attempting to cancel the Catholic Church when creating the printing press. It works both ways.

  12. Why woke ppl hv to be so patronizing to ppl of racial minorities? Neil degras Tyson didn't need sympathy points for his doctorate did he?

    Just invest in early education. Too late to change anyone's ingrained habits in college. Extreme affirmative action is just pandering to minority voters.

  13. Let's not downplay the risk you're taking when speaking out against the Ochlocracy. History has given us many examples of the extreme measures they'll go, and we're seeing only the beginning.
    Note: Nazism/Fascism

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