Cancel Culture BACKFIRES On Antifa And BLM Leftists As Their Arrests Go Public, They Lose Their Jobs

Cancel Culture BACKFIRES On Antifa And BLM Leftists As Their Arrests Go Public, They Lose Their Jobs. Antifa and BLM Leftists are anxious and panicked now that people know they have been arrested for rioting in portland.

Journalist Andy Ngo has been documenting arrests made by police in Portland and now the people arrested are facing karma. One man lost his job and while his employer claims it had nothing to do with the arrest an email they sent seems to contradict that.

It seems like for the longest time these people were acting with impunity mostly because the media shields or downplays their actions, calling them peaceful protests. Even in this regard they seem to be critical of Andy ngo just reporting on the arrests.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. These kids weren't antifa they saw a chance to destroy cause media pushed it. As for blm they did support that not knowing what blm actual is. A foundation to make money for 3 black chics, disrupt and distract. Kids like to destroy. Look at any abandon house or building they're drawn to it. Like a fly to flame. These are just entitled nit wits having fun.

  2. Great Video great speech you Nailed it..
    Regular people are in the News for Crimes they Committ .. What's make them different..Expose them all Media are the True Dividers of our Country..

  3. Tim and crew — one major issue with the original woman's claim of someone showing up and police being called, Andy asked for 911 call history and there was no call made to police from the lady's mother or the home, and no police activity at or near her address. Made it up entirely.

  4. Your reading of the news is why I rarely ever miss one of your videos. You find stories that I would never find or have time to look for, and thread them together in a coherent "newspaper" format. Well done!

  5. Had Enough? Vote Republican! (HEVR) RIGHT DOWN TO THE DOG CATCHER!! After 12 years we will re-evaluate THAT parties dominant control.

  6. Why are the media running defence for violent criminal thugs? Oh because they're scared the violent criminal thugs will come for them…

    All respectable media outlets should be running the details of those arrested for looting and rioting. Criminal activity has a consequence.

  7. The Tulsa police are actually getting a fair heading and lots of praise from the U.K., as well as the Compton pair. the BLM drive to defund our police went nowhere, because many people here have a lot of respect and admiration for the police. To any police reading this, either country wherever you are, aight you’d pull me for a bag of weed but real shit I got massive respect for the job you guys do, stay safe out there

  8. ANTIFA "Hey lets go out in a mob and target people that can't defend themselves, single them out, and threaten them" ANTIFA MEMBERS " Hey, I'm off duty right now, I am not currently part of a violent mob. Please do not target or threaten me. I can't defend myself. Don't single me out or threaten me."