Cancel Culture BACKFIRING On Left, Journalists FIRED And Antifa Banned Now That Dems Don’t Need Them

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  1. Why conservatives be frightened by this, its been happening to us for 4 years it the new norm. If anything it should make us happy because they will probably fight against it and it will help everyone

  2. You will get banned, deplatformed, arrested and actually charged by DA's now, and you will take it, because if you complain the Bidenbots who once supported you will now struggle session you and you will fold, because it was social pressure that pushed you into this group, and it's power will serve to push you out of it. All this ever was was in search for Twitter clout anyways.

    You won't complain, though, maybe snark a bit at some right wingers, but that will be it. You will quietly put the anarchist gear into the closet and you'll forget about this phase. Have a nice brunch, ancoms.

  3. And now it is time to show the lefties that we will be the only ones in their corner when they too are banned that is time for us to show them what it means to truly be free

  4. TOS is TOS if they violated it, fuck them that's their problem. They can fight it but they signed the agreement.

    The accounts/podcats that DID NOT violate TOS, time to unite lawyer up and get ready for a massive breach of contract lawsuit.

  5. Twitter is just covering their tracks I recall Tim asking about why the lefts accounts are allowed to remain and now he is upset?

  6. What do you mean “people on the right should be scared?! Of COURSE THEY ARE! The right has been utterly TARGETED for the last 4 years! – Trust me, those of us in the right know EXACTLY how bad things are and where they are headed. It’s the left that needs to finally wake the hell up! This is good actually. It has to get worse before it ever gets better. Too many snowflakes and even right leaning normies still ASLEEP. Not for long though

  7. Historic, how is Biden historic? Old (possibly racist), CIS Gen, white, male…you could put a wig on him and he would fit in with the founding fathers. At least Harris is historic.

  8. I hope Lauren Wolfe gets to have Biden sniff her hair, can we start a petition for that? If she gets chills seeing his plane, I want to know what she does when he sniffs her….

  9. 2 things:
    – talking about lynching someone, requires an apology and that you be fired. There is a line, Tim.
    – they NEED a 2 party system. It is the threat of a splintering of the GOP, which would destroy the illusion that your vote actually matters, that they want to preserve. There is zero sincerity, it is all calculated.

  10. Tim, stop overthinking this. You had it right. This is not an expansion of cancel culture, it is merely the Establishment elites trying to corral their dogs of war unleashed for the last four years to assist destroying Trump. It has zero to do with cancel culture.

    These journalist firings and account cancellations are expected signals for the useful idiots to now chill out and get back in line. Their agitation is no longer needed or wanted. "Status quo please."

  11. Tim, I would agree with you in not having the guy fired… except they did that to all the people on the right for lesser crimes!! So I don’t care if that guy looses his job.

  12. What do you even mean "I hope this is not where we're going, curtailing the I ternet."

    Dude…as far as I'm concerned, we've crossed that line years ago. This is just some lefties getting a taste of their own medicine.

  13. The right won't ban and censor out of principle. The left wants to period. It HAD to be the right that protested/rioted to open the rule book to ban and censor. We had to sacrifice our own to open the book to ban and censor anyone, to begin a defense from this. If that makes sense.

  14. And they didn't actually beat Trump. We formed a Unity Project to counter the Divide and Conquer technique. They responded with a blatant theft to counter the Unity Project. We still hold a huge majority, even in Cali, no matter what Twitter and CNN says. Nobody wants more lockdowns and crazy mandates killing our lives. Not really. It is going down. The world domination plan is going down BECAUSE we formed a Unity Project and began governing ourselves. They can't allow the people to truly decide elections, not in their mindset.

  15. The MSM ditching the far left commentators is just them trying to say they have seen the error of their ways and will now give us the truth and eradicate the liars. Establishment/Powers-that-be securing their perimeter.

  16. They came for my neighbor on the right and I said nothing….
    ….then they came for my neighbor on the left and I said nothing….
    …. then they came for me…

  17. You don’t let the left fire people from their jobs for simply stating “Trump is our president” (while he was) then the second it finally happens to one of them they cry and little Timmy Boy demand they get their job back!

  18. Antifa is getting banned now because they are turning on Biden. Look at the page YourAnonNews. That's one of the biggest Antifa pages posing as the old hacker Anonymous but now all they post is Anti-Biden stuff cuz they're against the establishment no matter who is in charge. It's so funny to see the salty liberals getting triggered on that page now.

  19. Tim that dude deserved to be fired. No not over the top. The quality of your program has drastically gone down hill. Last month you were all "we need to stand up for our selves" now your all "cant we all just get along". You suck now. Just you on your high horse being a finger waging fake journalist.

  20. The problem, Tim, is that leftists NEED to be punished as harshly as their counterparts on the right so maybe they will eventually have an "aha" moment and figure out who the REAL enemy is. THAT will bring unity.

  21. I think you fail to realize that the company he works for is not making as much money as they used to and are looking for any reason to fire people. This is going to happen a lot more in the near future.

  22. No you didn't have a good reason to think the dems wouldn't destroy their own once they weren't useful. The Republicans are no better… idiots… is the powerful against the powerless.

  23. They terminated the woman's account for lying about the Bidens travel to DC. She claimed that President Trump refused to send a military plane to pick up the Bidens, however the offer WAS made, but the Bidens refused the military plane and decided to fly on a private plane.

  24. I know I should be worried, but let me enjoy this for just a fucking second before you come along and ruin it Tim. I’m sure many here are not surprised by this. I’ve been trying to tell them for years. I don’t know what it is but even Tim Pool is guilty of doing it. But many Americans like to pretend there are only two ruling factions in WA, but maybe, just maybe there has been more then two all along? The right and the left have their quote unquote “useful idiots” and if you ask me many here forgot the lessons of the 2016 election and fell right back into that right v left mantra just like the third faction in Wa was hoping for.

    News flash! Nancy Pelosi is not a Liberal
    News flash Mitch McConnell is not a conservative

    They are part of the third faction I’m talking about. These folks have no ideology, no loyalty to any sovereign nation, they are what modern times refers to as “globalists” aka one world order. This faction has used party line politics to distract you, to keep you angry, confused and above all else divided.

    And Trump despite all his faults was public enemy number one because he was the only one at the time willing to pull back the curtain and show the world what was really going on. After 2016 they would not make the same mistake twice. And given the fact they have so brazenly exposed themselves leads me to believe that any chance at saving this country has already past us by.