Cancel Culture Coming for JK Rowling is So Great

Because it’s literally a witch trial.

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  1. TBH both TERFs and intersectional feminists are annoying as hell. TERFs are more common in UK because UK leftists always had this neopuritan streak – TERFs also bully sex workers for example. What I find really funny is that JK Rowling is now trying to seek refuge with Sam Harris, one of the very few sane liberals left.

  2. So can you give us a transphobic quote from her? All this testeria from irritating vacuous woke beardies and none can provide an actual quote from her to justify all the beardy bitches hatred. Meanwhile male authors make horrible transphobic comments and you empty vessels have nothing to say about it.

  3. Yeah I disagree on the ”it’s fictional so cares”-part. A character is established as something, the gender and etnicity does matter. When you turn it into something else, without any good in-verse reason – then it’s not the same character. Pippi Longstocking or Superman is not black, never can be. Black Panther or Blade is not white, never can be. Plus gender/race swaps are done by lazy creators that can’t make good new original ones. Even worse is when it’s done by someone else than the original creator. Fiction is very important and you need to treat it respectfully, especially when it shapes the cultural landscape.

  4. Most people don't think that gender is malleable, but gender and sex are not the same thing (theres plenty of science backing this up), and transgendered is NOT a word. The labour party is not in ANY way socialist, it's basically conservative lite. Why the fuck would a billionaire support socialism? She has nothing to gain from that. Also feminism isnt diametrically opposed to trans rights, just some feminists are transphobic. Trans people think gender and sex dont necessarily link and u can be non binary and most feminists agree on that. Feminism is supposed to fight for gender EQUALITY, and most feminists are, it isnt an anti men, anti trans cult

  5. Harrry Potter is full of racism, for example against the deatheaters an Voldemort. Why didn't they embrace their culture? The racist protagonists used violence against them!

  6. Are you sure she retconned Dumbledore’s closeted homosexuality to be woke? I could be wrong, but it feels like she’s always envisioned this as part of his psychology, and only in order to develop the character, not to make a social statement. The novel couldn’t explicitly state it, because it’s a kids’ book and open references to characters’ sexuality was the wrong tone, so it had to remain a subtext.

  7. 1) Equalling political opponents to deadly diseases is fascist.
    2) Calling for inclusivity in modern art isn't deadly.
    3) Cancel Culture is heavily endorsed by the current orange fascist Russian traitor of the US, who just days ago called to boycott an American tyre brand, Goodyear, for using their inherent right to execute discretion in the work place.