Cancel Culture Is FREAKING Democrats Out And Could Be Trump’s Secret Weapon

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Tim, just last night I was once again reading statements made towards Trump blaming him for everything the dems are doing. It doesn't matter what the truth is or who does anything to these people. Truth has no place in anything anymore. They just simply blame him for all they see as wrong, and that's also typically things that aren't even real, and they see the opponent to him as the clear answer. What is the opponent? Well that depends, in elections it's dems, on the street it's rioting and BLM, and on social media it's far left celebs. Anything loud, noisy, and anti-Trump is what they support, period.

  2. Communist revolutions require endlessly unsustainable purity audits . It can be used against them to break up their unity of the movement. Leftists will turn on each other in an instant if they can benefit from it. And with that they can be taken apart.

  3. 6:13 let's make this writer eat crow later.,…Tim: "Trump is a flawed. messenger.",…you forgot to add "in my flawed opinion" .,…damn I wish we could publicly cane some of these Lefties!,…Tim, you are close to the edge too, watch your step, high-minded opinions won't stop you from getting YOUR ass kicked either., I've really had it with the constant attacks on the best president in history when he is being attacked from all sides for over 4 years straight. I'm about ready to start the punishing on my own.

  4. I spoke with my coworkers about certain policies they supported. Most of them agree with Trump and don't even know it. People in California have severe TDS, but don't realize they have more in common with Trump than the DNC. And yet they keep voting Democrat even though they agree the current Democrats are ruining their state. That's how messed up everyone is right now. The worst part is everyone's answer is to jump ship when it let's bad enough. I told them most other states hate people from California specifically for this reason. You vote to ruin your state, then you leave to ruin someone else's state. The problems here will follow you if you stay ignorant.

  5. They used to chant "NO BUSH! NO KKK! NO FASCIST USA!" because of all the wars Bush started. Now they're praising Bush and chanting the same thing, but the name has changed.
    These people have no consistency.

  6. History repeats itself.
    In the 80's and 90's the Christian religious fervor came to a point where all the normal people of the country finally just said "will you just shut up?!"
    The same thing happens now, different religion and a compacted time line- thanks to the speed of social media- people are ready to yell "will you just shut up!?"

  7. If you are at all familiar with Warhammer (40000 or fantasy) it’s sort of like chaos. It worms it’s way into your mind (or in this case, organization/movement) and corrupts you to serve it.
    Ironically, that is how they view right wing thought.

    P.s. we can’t stop being world police because if we don’t someone else will, like China.

  8. When you are watching people much farther up on the virtue signal ladder than you being gunned off that ladder by the horde beneath it, you're probably not going to climb that ladder or follow the people firing upon it.

  9. Conservatives are just playing catch up. They are getting hammered by insane bullshit all the time. It's time for them to create some crazy new ideas like paying off the national debt or something.