CANCEL CULTURE KARMA… Dave Chappelle critic gets exposed.

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  1. I love you guys but I didn't enjoy the constant laughing and joking regarding this. Dave is putting up with a lot of crap and the fact that Aba found this so hilarious defeats the point. So if you guys don't seem to find it offensive and hypocritical yet find it hilarious then you failed to actually stand up and point out the seriousness of the hypocrisy. I am hoping that others handle this situation better than you two did here. This was one of your saddest takes

  2. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house.. Got it..

    Edited: I don't f×ck with anyone with double standards (for context: which is anyone that believes cancel culture is fair and just and above all) But fr tho, these are old texts. Digging in someone's past and judging them in the present is f××ked up because people change (I'm almost sure her heart hasn't just by looking at how superficial and egotistical she is). Unless she's had recent quotes those are invalid. But she still trash tho

  3. The most f up hypocrites there is, these people try to cancel Kevin Hart for a tweet that was years ago that’s really harmless when compared to what she did and guess what, her people don’t care because she’s one of them. GTFO

  4. I feel kind of mixed on all this shit because on one hand I don’t feel like shutting down Chapelle is the correct response, but on the other it’s also people’s right to say they don’t appreciate what he has to say. As for this person’s tweets… it’s not really something I feel like most people would care about if she wasn’t calling out other people. Like, it’s from 10 years ago. It just kind of seems like a “take that”.

  5. cant understand american culture, calling a she, to a dude built like a bull, with make up and a dress, wtf lol degeneracy levels close to Sodome and Gomorra

  6. Man I hate that we as people even listening to the alphabet community like we not letting them be who they are. They problem is they want the world to view as normal life is just normal to them.

  7. Its funny cause these twitter retards are tryna back her up talking about they're just old tweets😭😭 but that wasnt the case with kevin hart. Fucking clowns fr