Cancel Culture Leftists Worried About Being Cancelled (Lauren Wolfe Gets Fired)



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  1. I showed a couple of my coworkers the video where Biden bragged about committed quit pro quo with Ukraine. They averted there gaze (like I was holding up a medusa head) and literally ran and hid in the bathroom until I got bored and left.

  2. As the Democrats agree that Free Speech is a thing of the past as Censorship Loving Google Targets As the Billionaires target their Competition using Lies to justify it move against Alt tech again. Muh White Supremacy is on the rise !!!

  3. yes, she found the snake….. check out her header on twitter, if it's still the same…and her pinned article. The one about the militia in the Congo using sex majik to protect the corrupt gov't/police there. Yeah, she's sniffing up the wrong trail, that's why she's cancelled. You didn't notice that?? I asked her if she didn't think that could happen in murica….she didn't answer, they were all still wringing their hands and whining. That's all. Peace out.

  4. Good, she deserved it!! Maybe she will actually wake up as to how cancel culture discrimination is harmful. Now she should start writing about the evils of censorship and cancel culture.

  5. Imagine shitting in your own bed and then being mad when you sleep in it. We warned them and they refused to listen, so fuck'em.

  6. It's time for a purge, Mr. Styx. Too many corporate and mafia sellouts spewing bullshit in your comment section, at least give em the labor of doing another account.

  7. Poor Lauren needs to understand that the media will only allow 1 Racheal Maddow type to climb the ranks at a time. This is them telling her to sit her tomboy ass down and wait her turn. How dare she steal from Racheal's time in the sun!

  8. Is his name Harred Jolt or Jarred Holt? Why wasn’t Ken Jennings not “cancelled” over a tweet that shames a woman in a wheelchair, link in the description? Just give the Jeopardy hosting job to Jeff Probst. That’s bad optics.

    That’s about all.

  9. She shouldn't have been fired.

    That being said I have no sympathy for people who cheer for deplatforming and censorship. In the words of a clown: "You get what you fucking deserve"