CANCEL CULTURE Strikes Again—NYC ‘Bodega Bro’ Mobbed, FIRED Over Viral TikTok: Liz Wolfe

Reason magazine’s Liz Wolfe breaks down her reporting on ‘Bodega Bro,’ who was fired for a series of Tik Toks he made about New York City.

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  1. Bodega bro is bringing up a very valid issue of food deserts. There are orgs that work with bodegas and corner stores to help them provide more INGREDIENTS. Discuss the topic. Sure clown him, but why destroy? Also so tired of debating "cancelling"

  2. "This always happens whenever you make public comments online," but that's exactly why companies should ignore it instead of firing people over it. It's like 10 years into this and companies still haven't figured out what Olayemi just articulated there.

  3. I love it when libertarians try to have it both ways. Either you care about how corporations treat workers ALL OF THE TIME or you're a full of sh*t culture warrior using a situation to push a narrative that serves you in the moment. It's clear which case applies here.

  4. For years white people canceled none white people and no one said a thing. Now so-called people of color are getting revenge for this type of treatment. Welcome to the Terrordome.

  5. Outreach is a very woke company. Had some conversations with them on an open role and it was extremely clear what "type" of culture they were catering to. They were shocked when I cut the process short and said "no thanks" to their illogical brainwashed culture.

  6. Now here this:
    People who are unsubscribing to the show b/c they're mad about how Olayemi conducts herself in frame are participating in… wait for it… cancel culture. So Olayemi does that sideways glance…Robbie does the smirk…Bri does the head tilt…Kim does like a grunt kinda thing. Sometimes it isn't 'professional' but it often feels like the best conversation I'll hear all day. And I really like the whole crew.
    Who isn't interested in seeing good faith debate from smart and informed news hosts with pretty steady principles refreshingly being themselves and just giving a rundown on their takeaways hot topics? This is actually what folks should be calling a 'safe space'. Here you can consume differing viewpoints– including those you maybe don't agree with, and go on your way at least partly removed from your bubble.
    I really like this show.

  7. Bodegas don’t offer real grocery shopping. If you lived your whole life having access to affordable healthy food you know that Bodegas don’t actually fill the need of consumers and tend to be prevalent in underserved communities of color.

  8. The hill won't fire you for interrupting people while their talking, being unprofessional and being impossibly one sided. You'll probably slap the hill with a lawsuit if they did.

    Also HOW IS THIS NOT CANCEL CULTURE. 🤦🏾‍♂️. This woman NEEDS to be removed.

  9. These same ppl who work on the internet are now referring to the very ppl who butter their bread "the mob". I bet they'd accept "the mob's" views though! GTFOH

  10. I keep telling my kids, stay away from posting stuff on social media. Use to talk with your friend but posting your opinions and videos you so freaking dangerous. You never know what will trigger these woke freaks.

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