Get ready to cancel EVERYTHING!

Or rename everything and carry on…

This is a segment from a full interview available at:

Dr Brendan Moloney is an expert in the formation and life cycle of cults, and explained the similarities in a wide ranging interview on parallel economies, parallel societies and parallel academic institutions.


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  1. why open a gym in a super market when you could turn the MCG into your own little corn field? This is something morgoths review has talked about where as things deteriorate and more and more people are branded antivax for turning down boosters and being kicked out society, people would just appropriate the assets for the world controllers for their own ends. Imagine if all of those new stadiums built in and around Western Sydney for example were turned into crops by the local LGAs. That would be awesome to see. Grimdark Nationalism it would be called.

  2. I realise they're trying to make fun of the situation but i am not amused. I'm furious and concerned. People need to know this shit is as serious as it gets. Billions of lives depend on it.

  3. Do ur home work fella's. Jesus Christ was never born on the 25th December. He was born in the Hebrew 7th month which the Jews call "tishiri". This month begins in the late 1st or 2nd week of September . As u guys r BIG on Facts & Truth l thought u might like some comming back at U. Xmas or as it should be refered 2 is nothing more than a disgracefull pagan festival. And the so called church is entrenched not only in false teaching but also from abandoning the Truth. Keep 2 the Covid19 stuff as it wont get u in so much trouble 👍😃

  4. In Austria brothels offer free sex if you get vaxed; In California a thousand dollars, and some school offered a pizza to a 7 year old kid to get vaccinated, but luckily his mom intervened. If it's so good for you, why are they so keen on pushing it at all cost? And why most people can't see through this veil?

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