Cancer Rates Skyrocketing!

Researchers at Boston’s Brigham & Women’s Hospital have discovered that the incidence of early onset cancers — including breast, colon, esophagus, kidney, liver, and pancreas — has dramatically increased around the world, with the rise beginning around 1990. The researchers say more studies are needed, but speculate that the cause may be increased exposure to carcinogens at an early age.

Jimmy and his panel of America’s comedian Kurt Metzger and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss these alarming revelations and whether the culprit may be aspartame or possibly plastics.

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  1. Junk food is calling the chickens home to roost.

    Read the book Salt Sugar Fat for an explanation of how the food industry makes processed foods addictive.

    Dannon Light [fake] yogurt has aspartame in it. (Dannon s a Nestlé subsidiary.)

  2. Add my 50 year old cousin. She is now busy trying to convince everybody that they will also get it. My response, "Not me, I'm a pure blood, and you got cancer after the booster."

  3. I’m allergic to artificial sweetners. Can taste them immediately if they’re in something I’m not expecting. Have to watch medical drinks and some medicine because they use them. One I wasn’t expecting nearly killed me last year. Had to do some serious research to discover it was in the medication because it wasn’t disclosed on anything I was given. It was while I was battling my first round of breast cancer (age 47). Just learned a week ago I have cancer again and it’s likely spine, too. I’m probably dying if I am to face facts. I trace mine back to hrt I took (estrogen- Premarin) after my hysterectomy in my early 20’s for endometriosis. Was warned at the time if I took them more than a year cancer was guaranteed, so I only took them about ten months. Twenty years later, breast cancer. To compound this, and why mine spread (it should have been an extremely treatable, curable form) because of the coof hysteria I was forced to wait A YEAR to get any diagnosis or treatment!! They closed down the labs and radiology departments locally for months on end! Doctors refused in office visits. When they finally started seeing people again it took months for appointments to happen. Disgusting. And for NOTHING!!

  4. Oh, this is my second comment. There’s a reason high fructose corn syrup is banned in many countries. It’s poison, especially when corn crops are sprayed primarily with atrazine containing pesticides. It’s in everything!! 🌽

  5. I was born in the early 1990s and last year after urinating an excessive amount of blood one day they found a calcified 7.3cm tumor on my right kidney, stage 2 renal cell carcinoma. Kidney cancer runs in my family but those who had it got it way later in their lives than me.

    Thankfully the cancer didn’t spread and the kidney was removed. In a way I feel super lucky that I caught it relatively early as this type of cancer almost always goes undiagnosed until it’s already spread to other parts of the body. I’ve been trying to tell everyone I know to find a way to get cancer screenings however possible (most doctors won’t unless there’s a valid reason like a history of cancer in the family).

    I’ll never know if all the micro-plastics and other chemicals in our bodies gave me the cancer or accelerated a cancer that I was always genetically destined to get. Maybe I just needed more sleep…

    Anyway wanted to share my personal story on this subject. Very thankful Jimmy Dore and folks are covering it.

  6. Maybe people get so much cancer because cities are so healthy and everybody is so responisble and sane. Just guessing.
    You can hardly find a spot where you can breathe real air, in cities.It`s normal, that it gets worse, at some point.
    Chemical sprays, dirty fassades, exhaust fumes & noise 24/7, lots of stress, toxic floors, this version of streets, unhealthy food, contaminated surfaces and clothes, cheap washing and cleaning agents.This is what that lifestyle and mindset delivers. A lot of cancer. What do people expect ? The opposite ?! lmao.. F.. victims, bro. So sad.

  7. 8:20 This is a tactic that the clandestine factions of government do. When Bob Lazar was reading through the 'government bible' during his in-processing phase, he was sure some stuff in his book was intentionally bogus and person-specfic. Meaning, if word got out a particular bogus detail would trace who it likely was. Pretty clever compartmentalization technique really.

  8. I love listening to you guys good work Jimmy
    The vaccine is doing his job the all know at the TOP.
    It's like your Neighbours kit come over Christmas day open all the Christmas gifts under the tree.
    Because there's no immune system to stop him.

  9. well, if government doesn't stop corporations from adding artificial ingredients into basically everything at this point, then this is the outcome…… if you consume that crap for 20-30 years, what do you expect

  10. I hate to say why because of life choices people are attached to, like, junk food w/ Genetically Modified Organisms. High Fructose corn syrup, SUGAR, highly processed vegetable oils, polluted air , water, and the earth that grow the food on.toxic soil w/ lot's of herbicides, and pesticides. And now we live in a f-ing microwave frequency. They lock you down, where fresh air is dangerous , shoot you up w/ drugs that do jack diddly. It blows my mind that you even question this. The Facts are in red ink. Wake up everyone, your lives are at risk w/ consumerism. You know about ism's? I know this is all hard to swallow, but the almighty dollar rules our reality.

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