Candace Owens debates Russell Brand

Candace Owens and I go head to head here in this excerpt from my Under the Skin Episode (Will It Go Left Or Right? – Candace Owens & Russell Brand). In this Candace Owens Interview, we debate the pros & cons of The Left and The Right and an attempt to negotiate when utopia might look like.

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. You both have good points and while it seemed like you guys had different views you actually both agree of the underlying problem but the solutions are different. Which that's why people talk to come up with different solutions

  2. Well to be honest I love ti listen to both of u guys. I think y'all want the same things and are going about them in the same ways. I think what both of y'all had to say works and that if y'all disagree it's because you both love ti argue your points if view.

  3. Russel can I help you to feel better? Now I'm being serious here… I need help I mean I REALLY need help. I need help in the way of a new mattress. I have a bad fracture in my back and I need a new mattress cause the one I have is very old and its killing me the pain is unbearable. I have found that no matter what side of the fence anyone's on no matter how they say they believe in helping the poor and needy when you actually ask for help from these people they dont help you they are frauds they never live up to what they claim that they believe in. The way I've always done things is this… if you need and I got then you got. I give without asking for your name rank or serial number. I dont need your first born you dont need to get on your hands and knees for me you dont need to beg cause asking anyone for anything you feel very demeaned as a human being you feel less then when you have to beg for anything and in knowing that I have never tried to make it any harder then it already is for someone to ask in fact if I see a need and I actually have something to give I give without you ever having to ask me for a thing and you dont owe me anything not even a thank you. I got you got that's it and once its out of my hands its forgotten. I have had people actually have to remind me at times that I even gave them anything and frankly I so forgot about it that I couldn't remember it even when they tried to remind me about what I gave them or what I did for them. When you love your fellow man you just help that's all your not a hero your just a family and that's what family is supposed to do there supposed to be there for one another I have always been this way as far back as I can remember and I never thought that what I was doing was any big deal I actually was native enough to think everyone was this way… I can only wish. In so far as a selfish nature its called the sin nature and only Jesus Christ can cure that only then can we have a truly utopian world because we humans are just not capable of it if we were dont you think we would have gotten there by now? We've had 6000 years how many more thousands do we have to wait? Use logic on that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck I guess its a monkey right? Think about what I'm saying.

  4. I love it when he stated there isnt any current political party that represents his views…I'm with you on that brother. Its hilarious when I say something negative about a Democrat and they say well Trump. When I say I dont like Trump they dont know what to say lol or they attack the Republican and I say I'm not a Republican lol. They cant argue outside of us vs them talking points lol. I'm all for abolishing the parties. Politicians are suppose to represent the people, not the party. Parties are devisive and puts people into boxes.

  5. I don't believe in alot of his views and think Candice is spot on, but have mad respect for the free think discussion and debate. I have new round respect for this dude. Good for u man it's what we need more of

  6. Russell – we need more left leaning people like who can be somewhat/mostly objective. With that said; I am a person who was raised extremely poor, abused, etc, bad situation. I’m now a very wealthy person because I worked very hard and believed in myself. I give a lot to others but I will say that if I am mandated to give then I will fight that to the death. I love helping others but the moment a government tries to mandate my giving is the moment I will fight back to the death. Period.

  7. full o bs women ask mr. tesla how much he paid,remember communist people live all over still alive ,democracy is not for every country look at Cuba , Belarus ,Russia , MIDDLE EAST THEY ARE ALL DOING GOOD …

  8. I am curious (honestly, because I don't know). While the top 1% pay something like 39% of the income tax, the top 1% also earns 16X more than the bottom 50%. How does the wealth inequality square with the tax inequality? It seems to me that the gap widening indicates that it somehow does not.

  9. 90% of people who are rich were born rich, where does he come up with this stuff? That is absolutely not true. Most people that are millionaires in this country are married and stay married. They work together to build wealth and a future together. My parents had five kids and yes it was a struggle my dad died when I was him

  10. Most people that are rich were born that way, where did you come up with this stuff? That is an out right misrepresentation of the truth. Most people in this country that are millionaires are married and stayed married. Building wealth together. If you don’t believe me look it up. Most millionaires started with nothing or very little. The phrase cheaper to keep her is true. Figure out how to stay married figure out your relationships and work together to build something. Live within your means and stay out of debt. My mother and father had five kids and my father died when I was in my 20s. Leaving nothing behind for my mother or us. It was sink or swim. All of us are successful and only one of us went to college. Granted there are lotta obstacles in peoples way and my family had more than out share but it is possible. I recommend everybody read Dave Ramsey‘s books, that is how most people in this country become successful and millionaires. FYI, I do not work for Dave Ramsey I’m just a student.

    I like Russel but I think he’s misguided and tends to say things like this without knowing the facts. He must believe it he wouldn’t say it but he’s wrong. Go Candias. By the way she won this debate big time!

  11. Does anyone know how Russel manages his wealth??? The impression he gives from these videos is that he pays his full wack of Tax and Ni, just like me an PAYE employee!!!! I very much doubt it, i'm sure he has a smart accountant that manages to hide a lot of his wealth????

  12. Candace was right about the mega rich actually supporting socialism in order to maintain their wealth for many generations. All socialist regimes had a wealthy oligarchy behind it. No ordinary person could even try to approach the level of the oligarchs. The best one could do is become a member in good standing within the party. You would basically have to follow the status quo and help the party and the oligarchs retain power. In our system it is rare, as Russell points out, but it is at least possible to rise into the upper class, or less rare the middle class, and it is also possible for the rich to lose some or even all of their wealth to their competitors. Every society that tries to create " equity " seems to turn into a soviet style state with a larger gap between the top and bottom and no middle. That's where you see the equity. Most people turn out equally poor. History has left us a pattern. Socialism fails to deliver time and time again yet people fail to see the pattern. Wouldn't it seem that a system opposite of socialism is the way to break the pattern? Or should we repeat what Lenin did? What Stalin did? What Mao did? What Hitler did? What Mussolini did? What Castro did? Chavez? I could go on but I think the pattern is clear.

  13. Love your channel – but dude she totally kicked your ass here. Your sentiments sound good but its hypocritical to in one breath to say tax bezo's to death and then whine that you have this inner need to feed your need for pleasure etc. Im surprised Candace didnt tell you to put up or shut up – which she gave you a clear example that the human is going to take care of themselves and family first and then feed the neighbors – she was clear and concise – you vacilated between wanting to tax the shit out of those paying 85% of taxes and then demand they do what you admitted yourself that you aren't even doing – giving up your wealth to help the less fortunate. That's what I heard in this video. Again love your channel and will tune in for more – you ask good questions.

  14. I love Candace Owens, but Russell Brand is right here. It’s not theft. The corporate and governmental elite are robbing Americans. I agree with what she says “if you work hard, you deserve to be rewarded”, but that’s not what is happening in this country. The ULTRA rich are getting richer, while us peon’s are getting dicks in our mouths.

    There becomes a point where some people get paid WAY too much! Money that’s inconceivable. No one is worth that kind of money. Jeff Bezos is a brilliant businessman. But does he deserve the kind of money where he can buy countries? Fuck no!!! When you have people in our country struggling to feed their kids, and people like Jeff Bezos, something is wrong.

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