Candace Owens JOKE About Invading Australia Taken Out Of Context By Media That Doesn’t Get Humor

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join lawyers David ‘Viva’ Freihert and Robert Barnes to examine Candace Owens’ joke about invading Australia and the mainstream media’s disproportionate response.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. It’s seriously not that bad in Australia. I live in Melbourne and most of the police turn a blind eye to COVID restrictions unless they’re in front of a camera owned by the media.

  2. @Timcast IRL As an Australian I can tell you that everyone that is protesting and countless others don't want the vaccine mandates and they don't want the jab either. Tim, you have no idea what you're talking about and nor does Time magazine. It's the left that want the tyranny and people are speaking out but the government is arresting anyone that says anything because they're power hungry. How about getting your facts straight before saying Australia wants the bullshit that's force on us.

  3. Neither Maoists nor communists are INVADING the US……our politicians are TURNING OUT TO BE COMMUNISTS. Time to get rid of those who side against the people and the constitution. They are guilty of treason, and enemies of this nation.

  4. Oh funny joke.
    Now time "Australians aren't interested".
    What did the Iraqis, Afganistanis, etc. think about invasion? Were they for it? Probably not. Were they living in freedom??

  5. I work in Australia and In my workplace, they all gang up and shout who are those F idiots and stupid who cannot take vaccines (A few turning heads towards me), we got the email, get jab proof or get lost. I am falling in line and sad Australians still do not know the difference between Pfizer and Vaccine. They cannot wait until Novovax is an option. American pfizer has already invaded and won.

  6. I'm not afraid. When you speak about the craziness please say Melbourne Australia, its concentrated in MELBOURNE (the smallest state, left run, 2nd biggest city) comparing my state to Melbourne is like California to Texas.

  7. I mean, I'm Australian.

    I can tell you exactly where you want to land: Sydney and Melbourne. Any USMC guys need a place to stay for the night, you can totally have my couch.

    But can we stop pretending that "Australia" has this problem, please? It's just the shit cities, Melbourne and Sydney. That's it. The rest of the country is fine. I have not once been told I can't go out or anything like that.

  8. Viva is right.
    Most Australians do not know about the Police abuses in Australia because the main stream media is not reporting it here.
    I believe that is because the Governments state and Federal are by far the biggest source of advertising revenue in this highly taxed country.
    Only a few Youtubers are covering this like the 'Russian Cossack' and he is harassed by police multiple times everyday. Home searched, arrested regularly on BS charges, just because he is one of the sources that people send videos to of Police abuse.

  9. As an Aussie, I don't like the lockdowns… but you can't deny that they've worked here, the death stats simply speak for themselves:

    1 in 450 for USA

    1 in 3,081 for India

    1 in 15,897 for Australia (this was 1 in 30,000 until a month or so ago)

    1 in 174,049 for NZ

    Call it draconian all you want, but my life had been basically normal minus the ability to travel until delta arrived a few months ago.. I don't like having to give up my liberty, but I'll accept it for a while if it means keeping our elderly safe until everyone who wants it has had a chance to get vaccinated (which I might add we've already surpassed the USA's vac %). That said, I guarantee that if once this thing winds down if the government/pollies don't loosen things up again, all us patriotic Aussies will kick then out!

  10. 🇭🇲 I have to say if you listen only to the mainstream propaganda media in Australia you would not know there were any protest against any mandate worldwide. I only hear a out protest in Australia from international sources (including arvi and rebel news. )

  11. There has been no workers revolt against Capitalism. The workers are the victims, not the victors in this merger of Capital & the State. Call it anything you want, but if its called Communism, i just can't respect anyone that stupid.

  12. I'm sorry, but a lot of what you are all stating here is incorrect. Yes, the quarantine, the lockdowns, the orders being shut down since March 2021 – all true and NOT OK – but MANY AUSTRALIANS ARE NOT OK about all of this (myself included). You all saying "Australians are ok with it" is simply NOT TRUE.

  13. A lot of countries going to suffer backlashes as soon as elections arrive … assuming they dont just keep going down the authoritarian route and suspend elections.