Capitalism Run Amok: What went wrong and how to fix it | Marianne Williamson and Richard Wolff

Economist and Professor Richard Wolff analyzes the deficiencies of modern capitalism, articulating the benefits of a socialist system and the road to a more equitable society. He promotes not a radical shift in economic system, but a gradual transformation involving a shift in consciousness from profits before people to people above all else.

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  1. These idiots never get to the idea that socialists and communists are running the capitalist system into the ground. The communists, like these 2, are the ones destroying the capitalist systems. Its very obvious the corruption in the govt and corporations are headed by communists.

  2. Prof Wolf has no word to say about the horrendous genocide committed by the Euro Christians against the Natives (millions slaughtered and their land grabbed). NO compensation, no reparations.
    Is that the Christian way to progress – destroy the OTHER and grab his assets? Do Euro Christians have any conscience at all?? What did their CHRIST, their Jew saviour, die for?

  3. For Christs sakes lets grow up ! Its social democracy run by, the democracy, not rentier free lunch investments or the Capitalist aristocracy. Hopefully no more scammers like the stock market or ponzi bank schemes.

  4. The problem is not capitalism vs communism but if this humanity will be able to keep democracy and respect for individuals over totalitarism and state over regulated societies I hope that democracy will be able to prevail over the wave of Orwellian totalitarism that is covering our Country God Bless America

  5. The New York Post described a "smoking-gun email and photographs" on a laptop obtained by Rudy Giuliani, that focuses on Hunter Biden, the former vice president Joe Biden's son, that the laptop contains videos of Hunter Biden sexually, physically and violently abusing Chinese children. out in oct 2020.. and earlier…

  6. What about using the term Democratic Capitalism? Participation of the community, employees and Executives of Companies all participating in the decisions on the fate of companies, not like today where the sole decision makers are the cabal of Oligarch’s that decide to move companies abroad, eliminate workers’ pensions and the rest.

  7. Capitalism went wrong lol ? Hackatopia went wrong. The Govt is a gigantic monstrosity of corruption & unproductive hacks. Disability claims rubber stamped. Colleges sucking the treasury dry with sky high tuition for silly worthless degrees.

  8. I've been in the US for only 3 years and It's been so painful to see what a political system like capitalism has done in the US in recent years. The concept of the American Dream is no longer applicable to Europeans but to people from 3rd world countries. Understandably more Americans follow the "Portuguese dream" these days. Ah, I miss Marianne's events in NY, they had such a special ambiance full of love for every being. In my country education is free too, it's free in most of Europe… It's crazy how I can walk on a beautiful beach in Rockaway in Queens and a nice street in Brooklyn and suddenly there is a neighborhood with loads of garbage everywhere… and it's obvious that everyone there had no access to education. Back home everyone goes to school, no one would dare to throw any garbage on a street, yes people are educated but it creates another problem of not having enough jobs at their intellectual level. Either way, free education still wins. It breaks my heart to see such an obvious gap in different social levels in communities in NY. Tourists don't get to see the real NY… Back home there was no such a thing as a good or bad neighborhood when I was growing up, whereas in NY if you want to live in a clean area with educated people you have to work your ass off to afford the rent. Money over free time.

  9. 6:20 Concerning a comfortable decline:
    One way to shrink an economy is to shrink the value of realestate.
    I remember in Reno NV loads of empty buildings. Legislate a one year minimum of vacancy. After a year you as the owner have to lease, sell or rent the property for whatever value a walker by or some better system chooses. This may have the effect of shrinking a bubble that has become a bit much.
    At the end of a year maybe the community could auction the rental price of the property. It is still your property. You just can't leave it to maintain price as an artificial scarcity.

  10. I really appreciated Marianne's question specifically about Elizabeth Warren because I happen to like Elizabeth Warren and approve of how she presents herself in order to promote what is essentially a socialist agenda. I'm glad to see Professor Wolff validate my feelings.

  11. Joe Biden isn't FDR light. He's Joseph Stalin light. Here's what I mean:
    Stalin – "If your Uncle dies, that is a tragedy. If 10 million die, that's a statistic."
    Joe Biden – "If your son has a drug problem, that's a tragedy. If a million people of color serve time over minor drug arrests. that's a statistic."

  12. Maryanne Williamson is on an admirable path of bringing spiritual consciousness into the realm of our political understanding, but it would be nice if she would stop saying that the problem is that "CAPITALISM HAS RUN AMOK." Capitalism is by its very nature "ALWAYS AMOK." It is based on the exploitation and degradation of people and nature. It was just as bloody and destructive in the time of Charles Dickens as it is today. The problem is the very nature of capitalism itself, not some perverse contemporary aberration. Nevertheless, her voice is otherwise a much needed corrective to business as usual in our world.

  13. Capitalists want “the opportunity” path, but for millions it is prostitution! Or someone kidnaps a person (often a young female) and SELLS them to WHITE SLAVE TRAFFICKERS, which is the “biggest NEW and growing INDUSTRY worldwide!”
    “Giving the poorest the OPPORTUNITY to LIFT THEMSELVES out of poverty” is insane because it leaves BILLIONS WORLDWIDE TO STARVE TO DEATH only because the capitalist WAGE system is evil slavery and the cause of world poverty and wars.
    It’s not evil or destructive to want to quickly end world poverty with the touch of a button.

    Or do capitalists think “we need poverty because men need prostitution”???

  14. Richard Wolff you are great because you dare to tell the truth In economics and lucky to get your messages out .I feel the extra 10% truth in your message is still in your soul

  15. Yes Roosevelt saved capitalism but he shouldn’t have! Because he gave the poor (never all) IN AMERICA crutches, and a few crumbs like Social Security, BUT it didn’t help all poor people worldwide! So his bandaids were wrong, because it’s capitalism that is still causing world poverty…and crimes and wars! I’m glad more Americans are changing, and that they’re listening to Wolff, but IT’S NOT PERFECT! We can’t ignore the fact that capitalism is the cause of world poverty, and that Roosevelt New Deal didn’t end world poverty and it didn’t even help all Americans! WE MUST DESTROY CAPITALISM BECAUSE IT’S THE ONLY WAY WE CAN END WORLD POVERTY! That’s why I get so angry! Don’t you see how many WAGE JOBS were created to MAKE/SELL MILLIONS OF WEAPONS which makes USA think “the wage ends poverty” BUT WE NEED TO ELIMINATE ALL WEAPONS MANUFACTURERS AND MILITARY AND VEHICLES WORLDWIDE ASAP TO SAVE THE EARTH! USA thinks WARS ARE GREAT BECAUSE IT GIVES MILLIONS OF AMERICANS JOBS WHO WOULD OTHERWISE BE STARVING TO DEATH just like BILLIONS OF PEOPLE WORLDWIDE! YOU ALL MAKE ME SO ANGRY!


  16. Why can’t all people own all things worldwide?
    It’s only the SUPER RICH people who don’t want that!
    Why can’t we demand EQUAL WEALTH WORLDWIDE??
    What you’re talking about “only IN USA” won’t even help all Americans!
    Everything can be arranged PERFECTLY WORLDWIDE EASILY!

  17. Capitalism is the Greatest thing ever invented by the human being. What? ENGLAND is a colony of the USA? Bull&^*T!
    You better ask Prince Charles who by the way traces his ancestry to VLAD the Impaler about that.
    London is still the Financial Capital of the World.
    You up there in Mass are a spout of bunk. The Globalist Eugenicists Corporations Bankers Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab run this world. Ideas and philosophy do not and never will.

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