Capitol Police Are Becoming Joe Biden’s New Secret Police, Spread Across US

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join Pedro Gonzalez, associate editor at Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, podcaster, and commentator, to examine how Capitol police are being spread out all over the country, and what this looks like for the future.

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Guest: Pedro Gonzalez
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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. You keep talking about the cops like they’re all one group. Democrat cops and Democrat cities act like that. There are bad cops everywhere but you need to go spend some time in a red state, I get that you moved to West Virginia and you’re in a rural area now but your experience is all growing up in democrat controlled living under mine control America. You should go talk to cops that live in places like Texas in Alabama and TennesseeIn Georgia, those cops will shoot the feds when they start pulling that shit to protect the people. We should back the blue but we should also hold them accountable like every other person in government and just like everywhere else it’s a A Democrat problem, Democrats hire Democrat police who believe in that crap and that’s why they have to live that way. You go out in the rural America in a solid red state and the feds come in and try and do this shit the local police are gonna say no it’s not your jurisdiction and they’re going to stick up for the people. Yeah there are bad cops but overall cops are not going to support this when he gets really bad. That’s why red flag laws and crap like that are stupid, A cop that isn’t trained well enough he just thinks he’s enforcing the law isn’t really going to think about it the way he would if they just said over the federal government were allowed to take guns now. When they’re sneaky I think cops do stupid things a lot of the time just because they don’t know better but when it starts getting really bad and they’re talking about sending people out there to kick in peoples doors and take their guns and arrest people for nothing but being a conservative, I don’t think many of the cops or military are going to stand for that crap. I hope I’m not wrong come out I’m not delusional I know a lot will an allotment use their brains in the beginning but the bad cops for the most part are bad in democrat areas because they’re controlled by corrupt politicians. The Democrats have been abusing the hell out of police and demonizing them. Even Democrats are scared of Democrats now and starting to hate other Democrats. Of course there will be a percentage but I think if you look at what’s going on in New York City where the cops hate Deblasio and Cuomo with a passion, I don’t think they’d support them at all. I think if they heard there was a riot going on at Deblasio‘s house did all go on break for a couple hours before they responded. Do you things are hard to call throughout history a lot of these police tape forces have followed. But most cops won’t which is exactly why Biden is trying to federalize the DC police so they can control them so they can have storm troopers who are going to go out and be willing to kill their own people and violate the rights because they are puppet tyrant Nazi like democrats. People don’t realize how dangerous this is getting come out we’re treading in the 1939 Nazi Germany here.

  2. Why do conservatives support Hollywood, they do not have your interests in mind? Why do conservatives send their kids to liberal colleges, they don’t have your interests in mind? Why do conservatives continue to trust the old institutions that have now turned and don’t have your interests in mind?

  3. It’s all irrelevant. There will never be another election. People who keep repeating post or media narrative that Biden this or Biden that? Are caught in the trap. You’d better try to find peace inside. Our America’s no longer exists. Obama now can do anything he wants. Without a federal law enforcement agency to enforce laws? Genocide comes with heavy velocity. It’s not political it’s satanic. Try praying for peace for yourself. You can’t vote communism (satan) away. Genocide is upon our culture. America is gone

  4. For a while I was nervous about this and then I realized, there is nothing I can do except arm up and if they come….I go down swinging. There nothing left at this point to save us. Supreme Court is in the pocket of the left, Congress is full of NAZIS that want us dead it locked up, the DOJ is against all Right side supporters, FBI are totally against us and the NSA is doing all they can together with Google and Facebook to silence us and gain our information. You tell me, what is left to save us? Nothing I can see. I'm on lists for days I'm sure simply because I speak my mind and give the power's that be the finger. I simply don't give a shit any more. Ready for anything, not really, ready to fight back you bet your ass I am!

  5. Not secluded to the capital they protect dignitaries and congressmen and women senators and support Secret Service details indirect protection of the present and direct protection of assets. It’s called google folks

  6. It was a Capitol Police that murdered Ashli Babbitt in cold blood and the government did absolutely nothing, not even investigate. The government approved the murder of a citizen and the left loves it.

  7. Demand that your state representatives protect your freedoms granted to you by the individual constitutions of each state. The constitution of the United States is second to the constitutions of the states. We do not answer to feds. Demand that your state protect you from overreaching fascist federal government.